Millions of people in 3 crucial swing states have registered to vote without photo ID this year, warn observers

Millions of people in 3 crucial swing states have registered to vote without photo ID this year, warn observers

Photo ID requirements for voting have been a controversial topic in recent elections, and new data shows just how much these voters could affect the outcome of the upcoming presidential election.

Public data provided by the Social Security Administration shows that the number of people who have been registering to vote without presenting a valid photo identification is climbing in a trio of crucial swing states for the 2024 election. For example, since the beginning of the year, more than 1.25 million people have registered to vote without presenting photo ID in Texas. The figure for Pennsylvania is more than 580,000, while more than 220,000 individuals have registered to vote in Arizona without photo ID.

Taken together, nearly 2 million people have registered to vote without photo ID in just three states – and they happen to be states that are critical for the election. In fact, they are enough to swing the election in those states in an entirely different direction. Keep in mind that during the 2020 presidential election, Trump won Texas by 631,000 votes, while Biden won Pennsylvania by just over 80,000 votes and Arizona by 10,000 votes.

This underscores the potential for such voters to compromise the integrity of American elections. Under federal law, first-time voters may register even without a government-issued driver’s license or photo ID. Although the Help America Vote Act of 2002 mandates that state election officials must use people’s Social Security numbers to verify their identity if they are unable to present other types of identification, the system is far from foolproof.

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One particular point of contention is the fact that illegal immigrants who get work permits are given Social Security cards. This means there is a possibility that they could be allowed to cast a ballot if their Social Security number is not properly verified by the Help America Vote verification database system. A Rasmussen poll found that a majority of Americans believe illegals may cast ballots in the upcoming presidential election and influence the outcome; one in four Democrats actually said that these individuals should be allowed to vote.

The concept also flies in the face of the will of the people. A survey from Pew Research conducted in February revealed that 81 percent of Americans are in favor of requiring individuals to present government-issued photo ID to vote, while 82 percent are in favor of requiring the use of paper ballot backups with electronic voting machines.

Biden gaining ground in swing states

A recent poll by Bloomberg News/Morning Consult revealed that Joe Biden has been narrowing the lead that Donald Trump is currently enjoying in six out of seven crucial swing states.

In February, Trump was polling five points ahead of Biden in Pennsylvania; they are now pulling even there. And while Biden has closed the gap somewhat in Arizona, Trump continues to lead there; a similar trend is being seen in North Carolina and Nevada. In total, the new poll shows that Trump is leading Biden in seven swing states by a margin of 43 percent to 38 percent.

A majority of voters who previously supported Nikki Haley have already said they will back Trump rather than sitting the election out, while the former president is also trusted by voters to better manage issues like inflation, the economy and jobs, the poll showed.

The narrowing gap between the two candidates is even more evidence that voter ID laws and other questionable voting tactics, such as the widespread use of mail-in ballots, are very powerful ways that elections can be manipulated and the true will of the people can be completely undermined.

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