So Many of the Fully Covid Vaxed Are No Longer the People You Once Knew and Loved

So Many of the Fully Covid Vaxed Are No Longer the People You Once Knew and Loved

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There is no getting around what—we who refused the COVID-19 vaccines—are witnessing with our own eyes. People whom we knew, and in some cases loved, have undergone bizarre and undeniable changes in personality from the Covid Booster on. The people we knew are—in many but not all cases—just not ‘inside there’ anymore.

Gone is their vital spark, along with any sense of universal self-awareness as the WEF Pedantic Automaton has replaced the neuroplasticity that was previously filled with everything that you once loved about this person(s).

It has now been conclusively shown that the mNRA nano-particles do cross the blood-brain barrier and do enter into the neural partitions and in particular the pre-frontal cortex. Where the personality is expressed to the world. That sense of self that was once capable of nuanced thinking and relative judgment processes has been replaced with a functional meat unit. Now only concerned with unquestioningly carrying-out protocol without examination or critical investigation. Regardless of how stupid or delusional the protocol is. From recent new reports in Irish mainstream media that Climate Change affects the orbital inter-play between the earth and moon, to now public and private organisations finding it necessary to install tampon machines inside men’s public toilets.

The protocol is robotically adhered to, and no questions are asked. Because there is no one inside their neural partitions, synapses, and neurons anymore left to ask these questions.

Of course, this is a long time in the making. The H.G Wells novel—later movies of the same name—The Time Machine, predicted (outlined more like) a world filled with the Eloi. A passive, controlled, and obedient society incapable of being able to make independent intellectual decisions. Devoid of subtle emotions, and about as inhuman as one could become. A flesh robot. H.G. Wells himself an extreme atheist—and founder and fanatical member of the Fabian Society—only ever worked to create the society we have today.

The question which now remains for the rest of us; is how do we—unvaxxed Morlochs—deal with it? Only you in your heart knows what to do.

Because you still have ‘a heart…’

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