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Headline-Journalist Uncovers “Shadowy Network” Of NGOs Facilitating US Border Invasion

Source of GEE, WE JUST CAN NOT FIGURE IT OUT!!!!: Share this: Source

The Chemtrail PSYOP: A look inside the shocking shadowy tactics used to trick people into ignoring what is blatantly obvious

Note: this article includes info on the paid activist industry … you will be shocked! EWNZ From Agent131711 @ substack Military Irregular Warfare: Make people believe their memory & eyewitness accounts are wrong. A look inside the shocking shadowy tactics used to mindf*ck people into ignoring what is blatantly obvious Most people are shocked to […]

Savvy Granny – Shadowy Jewish Body Controls East and West

Published in 1984 “Jack Bernstein questioned Zionism when he noticed all the street names and memorials for Bolshevik Jews – like Jabotinsky. That’s when he discovered the International Judenstaat that controls the Communist East and the Zionist West and Israel.  In his work, he set out to document his experience of the Moscow – Tel […]

The Shadowy Kingdom Of Gewissae, Britain’s First Kings

Gewissae was an Anglo-Saxon kingdom that ruled much of southern Britain from the fifth to the seventh centuries as the island began forging a new identity in the aftermath of Roman occupation.  Read more Section:  News Premium Preview Read Later  Source

Alberta Premier Vows To Cut All Ties With WEF: ‘Shadowy Billionaires Controlling Politicians’

Alberta’s conservative Premier Danielle Smith has vowed to cut all ties with the World Economic Forum — the globalist organisation headed by Klaus Schwab — because she refuses to work with a group of billionaires […] The post Alberta Premier Vows To Cut All Ties With WEF: ‘Shadowy Billionaires Controlling Politicians’ appeared first on News […]

The Shadowy Reign of Vortigern, The King Who Gave Away Britain

Vortigern was a semi-mythical fifth century king most famous for inviting the Saxons to Britain to help him vanquish the invading Picts of Scotland. A disagreement compelled the Saxons to break their promise to Vortigern, opening up Britain to Saxon domination.  Read more Section:  News Premium Preview Read Later 

Pentagon releases 1,500 pages of secret documents about shadowy UFO programme after four year battle

THE PENTAGON has released 1,574 pages of real-life X-Files related to its secretive UFO programme after a four-year battle. The Sun Online first requested a copy of all “files, reports or video files” related to the Advanced Aviation Threat Identification Program (AATIP) on December 18, 2017. Letter from the Defense Intelligence Agency confirming it is releasing 1,574 […]

UK Culture Secretary boasts about shadowy “anti-disinformation” unit; “daily we have contact with the online providers”

The UK Government’s “disinformation” unit is “working,” the Culture Secretary Nadine Dorries said, after she was challenged by the Labour party who said the shadowy unit shut down last year. In the UK, both the Conservative and Labour governments support more online censorship. “It’s not the case, it’s not true; it is there, it is […]

The Shadowy CIA Data Firms Behind the Creation of Digital Vaccine Passport IDs

In January 2021, tech giants such as Microsoft, Oracle, and MITRE Corporation announced their launch of the Vaccination Credential Initiative (VCI) in partnership with healthcare companies. On their website, the VCI describes itself as an alliance of private and public organizations dedicated to the development of the ‘issuance of verifiable health credentials’ bound to an individual digital identity.  The […]

Madonna Blasts Shadowy Group Of Men Who Are Trying To ‘Cut Off Her Life Force’: ‘DEATH TO THE PATRIARCHY’

Madonna has taken to to Twitter to complain that a scheming and shadowy cabal of men are preventing her from reaching her full potential. In a tweet including a photograph of herself wearing a tiara Madonna claimed: “The Patriarchy continues to try to crush my neck with their heavy boots, cut off my life force […]

How Ginni Thomas and the Shadowy Council of National Policy Advanced the Election Disinformation Campaign

Before Trump loyalists stormed the Capitol building on Jan. 6, Virginia “Ginni” Thomas took to Facebook in the early morning hours that Wednesday; there she urged people to tune into the so-called Stop the Steal rally held on the grounds of the White House. “LOVE MAGA people!!!!” she posted, adding minutes later, “GOD BLESS EACH […]

Why a Shadowy Tech Firm With Ties to Israeli Intelligence Is Running Doomsday Election Simulations

Election Day 2020: 32 Americans dead, over 200 injured, martial law declared and the election itself is canceled. While this horrific scenario seems more like the plot of a Hollywood film, such was the end result of a recent simulation examining the preparedness of U.S. officials from the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), the Department […]

Putting Names to the Shadowy Figures Behind 2017’s Biggest Fake News Story

Preface by Washington’s Blog – where this article first appeared. A leading cybersecurity expert has publicly said that Mr. Eliason’s research as presented in this article does not violate the law.  Washington’s Blog does not express an opinion about whether or not the claims set forth in this article are accurate or not. Make up your […]

Gasoil export up 3,275%: NIOPDC

TEHRAN, April 4 (Shana) – Iran exported 300,000 tons of gasoil last year (ended March 19) which shows an increase of 3,275 percent compared to the preceding year, said an official in the National Iranian Oil Production and Distribution Company (NIOPDC). “NIOPDC’s performance in the fields of exports and bunkering has been highly satisfactory achieving […]

VIDEO: Cops harassed man filming them, cooked up charges to "cover our ass"

Michael Picard, 27, of East Hartford, was charged with creating a public disturbance and reckless use of the highway for the Sept. 11 incident in which a trooper can be heard saying on a recording of the encounter, “We gotta cover our asses.” This video depicts an angry cop lying about […]

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