PANDEMIC OF HERNIAS! Caused By COVID-19 Bioweapon & Weaponized Covid Vaccines

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Let me first describe my background and experience as a Hernia Coach for context.

I was Board Certified in Integrative Medicine early in my career as a Holistic Health Coach and Wellness Counselor.  I eventually became a Hernia Coach as a result of creating my own holistic hernia remediation program which is described, in part, at the follow link.

How To Heal An Inguinal Hernia Naturally — WITHOUT SURGERY (Updated)

For over 15 years now I have been conducting holistic hernia remediation coaching sessions and hernia surgery consultations in 24 times zones around the world, 7 days a week.  Therefore, the average and normal incidence of hernias was well documented by my annual caseload.

Then COVID-19 hit in January of 2020 and an epidemic of hernias exploded worldwide.  That pandemic, actually, then exploded again after the various Covid ‘vaccines’ were rolled out in one country after another.

Of course, for anyone who read the preceding hernia coaching session, the reasons for this pandemic are quite obvious.  Some of them are as follows:

• Protracted periods of coughing fits associated with Covid

• Protracted periods of violent sneezing associated with Covid

• Constant clearing of phlegm from the throat

• Forcefully blowing the nose to clear mucus from the nasal cavity and sinuses

• Frequent and often aggressive spitting throughout the period of Covid

These are just a few of the most salient mechanical triggers which can cause a hernia to protrude for the very first time.  Of course, there are several other even more profound causes, co-factors and triggers which comprise the typical pie of causation for inguinal hernias post COVID-19 disease.

However, what we also noticed was that all types of hernias saw a dramatic uptick throughout the Covid era. Femoral, umbilical, epigastric, ventral, diaphragmatic, esophageal, hiatal and incisional hernias were also occurring much more often during bouts of COVID-19 or as a result of Long Covid (see diagram above).  And, the more serious the cases of Covid that clients experienced, the greater the likelihood they got some kind of a hernia or prolapse.

Then there were those many cases where clients were Covid-vaccinated two or three or even four times.  Those Covid vaccination programs were then followed by one or two boosters which did two things (i) they directly caused a bout or two or three of COVID-19 and (ii) they effectuated a series of quite profound changes in their body which are well beyond the scope of this short exposé.  In both situations, it was observed that folks developed hernias seemingly out of nowhere, just as turbo cancers have mushroomed among the vaxxed population ever since they have been improperly administered under the extremely precarious EUA government program.

What we have also found out is that many hernia sufferers were unfamiliar with some of these types of relatively obscure hernias and, therefore, did not pay attention to them … or they just lived with them as their new normal.  It is very easy to misdiagnose various abdominal hernias as other medical ailments and health conditions.

The key point here is that, unless a bonafide hernia is correctly diagnosed, it cannot be properly remediated; and it will then continue to exacerbate should the individual not remove the primary causes, co-factors and triggers post-haste.

Especially because of the most common symptom sets associated with Long Covid, this predicament can and does evolve into a somewhat serious hernia situation.  That can include both an irreducible incarcerated hernia, as well as a strangulated hernia particularly in the inguinal region. (NOTE: Both of these hernia medical conditions can be successfully rectified holistically by a knowledgable and experienced healthcare practitioner.)

CAVEAT: The last thing any hernia sufferer wants to experience is feeling compelled to go to an ER whereupon the attending physician makes a strong recommendation for immediate hernia surgery which almost always includes a mesh being sown into either the pelvic floor or abdominal wall.  The biggest concern with this now routine surgical procedure is that the human body will often reject the highly synthetic mesh material (usually polypropylene, polyester mesh or polytetrafluoroethylene) and/or the synthetic suture (usually polypropylene of monofilament polyamide).

Be aware that hernia surgeons, in general, NEVER talk about the risk of mesh and/or suture rejection by the body in advance of the operation.  Many folks only learn about this extremely serious medical predicament after months of suffering from post-surgical pain and other post-operative complications, which the surgeon fails to accurately explain.  In most cases, the surgeon refers the individual to a pain management specialist where they will often wallow for weeks, or months, or years, or even for the rest of their lives in pain and great discomfort.


The main purpose for this coaching session is to make people aware of the direct relationship between the COVID-19 bioweapon and/or Covid ‘vaccines’ and their hernia formation.

Also, that vaccinated folks ought to proactively minimize their exposures during every flu season and Covid outbreak* and any other infectious disease epidemic in the future.  They especially need to consistently mitigate, by every safe and effective means necessary, the five primary hernia-triggering actions listed above as bullet points.

*As a COVID-19 coach and Covid vaccine injury consultant, I am fully aware that SARS-CoV-2 has never been isolated and the we are not dealing with a “coronavirus”.  However, that does not mean we aren’t dealing with a bioengineered bundle of pathogenic micro-organisms that presents a much more hazardous public health disaster and individual medical crisis for all of us.

Lastly, regarding any individual who suspects that they have any of those hernias previously listed, or if any woman believes she is suffering from a uterine prolapse, vaginal prolapse or other type of pelvic organ prolapse, they may contact us at either:

[email protected] or [email protected]

The Hernia Coach
State of the Nation
February 21, 2024

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Holistic Hernia Remediation: How To Heal An Inguinal Hernia Naturally

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