Right Wing Round-Up: The Spread Of Misinformation

  • Sam Levine @ The Guardian: Workers at far-right site Gateway Pundit feared credibility issues, filing shows
  • Employees of the far-right website Gateway Pundit, which has played a key role in spreading lies about the 2020 election, were worried contributors were not credible and expressed concerns about plagiarism, a court filing last month revealed.

  • Isaac Schorr @ Mediaite: Charlie Kirk Says He’s Impatient with ‘Many Jews’ for Accepting ‘Anti-White’ Bigotry and Warns Country Is on Road to ‘Mass Murder’
  • Right-wing commentator Charlie Kirk expressed his “impatience” with “American Jews” for accepting “anti-white” sentiment during a monologue in which he warned that the country could be headed for “mass murder.”

  • Nicole Acevedo @ NBC News: How a post falsely claiming migrants are registering to vote spread to millions in four weeks
  • A false narrative suggesting that over half a million migrants had registered to vote in swing states shows how quickly misinformation can spread — and how difficult it is to stop.

  • Steve Benen @ The Maddow Blog: Why Trump’s abortion problem is suddenly back with a vengeance
  • If Republican officials in red states start monitoring women’s pregnancies and prosecuting women who have abortions, Trump has no interest in intervening.

  • Olivia Little, Carly Evans, Chloe Simon & Audrey McCabe @ Media Matters: Tradwife influencers are quietly spreading far-right conspiracy theories
  • A Media Matters analysis found interacting with tradwife videos on TikTok led to a deluge of conspiratorial content.

  • Josh Kovensky @ Talking Points Memo: Latest Witness Is Leaving A Michael Cohen-Shaped Hole In Description Of Hush Money Scheme
  • He’s nowhere to be seen at Donald Trump’s New York criminal trial, but he’s everywhere: Michael Cohen, the former president’s ex-fixer.

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