CNN Credits Trump, Admits Biden “Made The Problem Worse” At The Border

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In a rare collectors moment, CNN took time Tuesday to give Donald Trump credit regarding illegal immigration, admitting that the US does “have a problem,” at the border and that Biden has “made the problem worse.”

While the comments came from Republican strategist Brad Todd, it’s the kind of admission that would never have aired while the likes of former CNN grinning clown Brian Stelter were at the helm on the network.

Todd told other CNN panelists that the “out of control” southern border will be the “pull and push” of the 2024 election.

“I think the fact that the border’s out of control and the Biden administration has made the problem worse is what’s the bigger problem,” Todd said, adding “The key portion of this electorate, I mean people who may not always like the way Trump talks or his choice of words, that they don’t like the way Joe Biden’s policies acted. Immigration is gonna be number one on that. Immigration and crisis both.”

“Can the Biden campaign demonstrate that in fact they’re gonna take a new direction on immigration and on the economy? They’re gonna move more to the center. Or can Trump convince voters to look past some of the rhetoric they don’t like?” Todd further posited.

One of the CNN anchors then attempted to steer the conversation toward criticising Trump, but first admitted:

“You can make the case that the immigration system is broken, I don’t think many people will argue about that.”

“The numbers of illegal immigrants, encounters on the border is what’s gonna drive the election. It’s not gonna end up being about Donald Trump’s rhetoric. It’s gonna end up being about the numbers under Joe Biden and the realities American citizens are seeing in cities across the country,” Todd further urged.

While claiming Trump is exaggerating the border crisis, CNN senior political commentator Ana Navarro nevertheless admitted we do have a problem,” adding  “And the problem is that there’s countries like Cuba, like Venezuela — which he can’t pronounce — like Nicaragua, and Haiti. Three of those are ruled by left-wing dictators who are anti-American.”


While it was hardly Trump friendly, it’s something that MSNBC talking heads refused to even acknowledge as a reality. Indeed they mocked the idea that illegal immigration is a concern for American voters.

Earlier in their broadcast, CNN also admitted that Trump has taken full control of the Republican Party, and that his sweeping Super Tuesday primary wins demonstrate that “He has remade the party in his image.”

“There are still some Republicans who are trying to take it away, like take it back. That’s over. That party doesn’t exist anymore,” one CNN analyst noted.

CNN also carried Trump’s full speech Tuesday night, while MSNBC refused to air it, with extreme TDS sufferer Rachel Maddow declaring it would be “irresponsible” to do so.

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