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The Noose Cares Not Why The Rothschild’s Minion Did Treason Against America

The noose cares not why the Rothschild’s minion did treason against Humanity- Cares not why the evil one sold their soul to be possessed by demons leading to criminal insanity- Whether for 30 shekels, fleeting fame, perceived power or threats against one’s earthly body to be done- Threats against family members if the minion turns […]

Every Political/”government” minion Forcing Fluoride On Americans Via Drinking Water are Violating the 1947 Nuremberg Code & Should Be Hanged

The minions who take orders from the elites to make war on Americans from DC have ALWAYS known Sodium fluoride added to drinking water does not fight cavities, causes harm to humans, birth defects, And most likely is the reason for mongoloid children. I have a book last published in 1977 which laid all this […]

Vindex (Trump) walks into an ambush in the belly of the Beast (+ The G20 Minion Party)

Today it occurred to me that just like Obama was positioned to be the “decoy/counterfeit Antichrist” within the globalist prophecy fulfillment script, there is a decoy/counterfeit Beast of Revelation as well. It is the G7. The Beast of Revelation has seven heads, and upon those seven heads are ten horns, each with a crown. Now […]

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