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Bulgarian companies eager for entering Iranian market

TEHRAN – Bulgaria’s Ambassador to Tehran Nikolina Kuneva in a meeting with the Head of Tehran Chamber of Commerce, Industries, Mining and Agriculture (TCCIMA) Masoud Khansari said her country’s companies are eager for cooperation with their Iranian counterparts. In the meeting held on Monday at the place of TCCIMA, the two sides stressed the need […]

Why does a U.K. academic spewing antisemitic conspiracies attract eager apologists on the U.S. left?

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Americans in Israel are eager to vote in the 2020 election. Here’s how they can

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Russia police eager to work with Iran

Tasnim – The chief of the Moscow police voiced his department’s readiness to share experiences with the Iranian police and work in cooperation against extremism and narcotics trafficking. During a visit to Tehran Police department on Monday, Major General Sergei Plakhikh hailed the history of cooperation between the police forces of the two countries. Highlighting […]

Russia eager to keep up oil ties with Iran

Novak rejected a report that Moscow has bought oil from Tehran noting that the Russian state trading enterprise ‘Promsirieimport’ has not purchased Iran’s oil but it is only brokering between Iran and foreign sides. He said that oil cooperation between Tehran and Moscow was based on a deal signed between the two sides in 2014. […]

France says eager to boost economic ties with Iran

Press TV- France says it remains determined to expand economic bonds with Iran even in the face of recent US threats against a landmark deal that helped resolve disputes over the country’s nuclear energy program in 2015.  Iran’s media quoted Bruno Le Maire, the French finance minister, as telling his Iranian counterpart Masoud Karbasian in […]

Eager To Kill Iran Deal, Trump Finds Allies In Iraq WMD Peddling Neocons

With the memory of the saber-rattling prelude to the U.S.’ 2003 invasion of Iraq largely faded, many of that war’s biggest proponents have recently found themselves uniting behind a new cause – the dissolution of the Iran nuclear deal, formally known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA). In recent weeks, their calls for […]

Swedish firms eager to enter Philippine market: Ambassador Fries

nsnbc : Harald Fries, Sweden’s Ambassador to the Philippines, said Swedish companies are eager to invest in Philippine retail, business process outsourcing and health […]

Germany, Netherlands, Britain eager to invest in Iran petrochemical industry

IRNA – An official at the National Petrochemical Company (NPC) says that many foreign companies are interested in making investment in Iran’s petrochemical industry following the implementation of the Joint Comprehesive Plan of Action (JCPOA). Germany, the Netherlands and Britain top those countries that are interested in working in the Iranian market, head of the […]

Ayahuasca: A Cautionary Tale For Tourists Eager To Try This Shamanic Brew

Research supports ayahuasca’s allure, suggesting that the drug may actually help treat depression and anxiety. And with various personal healing stories continuing to arise, more and more people seek out jungle brew for its medicinal value. However, as the program points out, there is little regulation over most retreats that offer it. Ayahuasca is certainly not a […]

The Military Encirclement of China Has Begun: German Navy Returns to the Pacific Ocean


Iranian robots to build structures in one day

Behrokh Khoshnevis, an Iranian professor at USC Viterbi School of Engineering in California, US, told Mehr News that he has been working on Selective Separation Sintering (SSS) process for 20 years so that he can build structures in an automated way using 3-D printing. According to him, SSS is the first process which will be […]

Putin, Obama war of words over NATO provocations

Alwaght-Russian President Vladimir Putin and his United States counterpart Barack Obama have engaged in a war of words the deployment of the NATO military alliance anti-missile shield in Europe In reaction to the deployment of a NATO missile defense site in Romania on Thursday, President Putin said Russia is being forced to look for ways […]

Saudi-backed opposition threatens to drop out of Syrian peace talks

     The head of the High Negotiations Committee said that the Saudi-backed Syrian opposition group will leave Geneva, the venue of intra-Syrian talks, if the Syrian government “continues to kill civilians”. The Saudi-backed Syrian opposition delegation will leave Geneva, the venue of intra-Syrian talks, if the Syrian government “continues to kill civilians,” the head of […]

Make Whites Great Again

Angelo Gage and Oscar Turner collaborated to produce an inspirational video intended to get you off your ass. It all starts with you making yourself into the best person you can be  and becoming an effective advocate for your folk. Source Article from 00

High-Level Officials Eager to Spill the Beans About What REALLY Happened on 9/11

… But No One In Washington or the Media Wants to Hear Washington’s Blog Sept 9, 2011 9/11 Commission: We Never Got All of the Facts 9/11 Commissioners admit that they never got to the bottom of 9/11. For example: 9/11 Commission co-chair Lee Hamilton says “I don’t believe for a minute we got everything right”, […]

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