Lindy Chamberlain the Satanic Sacrifice

Lindy Chamberlain the Satanic Sacrifice

Was Azaria Chamberlain (‘A Dingo Ate My Baby’) RITUALLY SACRAFICED by Marina Abramovic and Ulay? No Body or skull was ever recovered.

Clothes recovered 3 years later after Lindy exhausted her appeals and was going to do LIFE IN JAIL – Clothes HAD NO DINGO DNA or SALIVA.

Lindy was found guilty of murder, exhausted all appeals, but then the missing baby clothes show up in the open, on the ground, with NO DINGO SALIVA or DNA present??

A DINGO ATE MY BABY!! Marina Abramovic vs Lindy Chamberlain

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  1. Barbara says:

    I’m an Australian who still remembers this event from 1980 very clearly. I remember the “rumours” about the baby’s black dress and that she was a sacrifice to Satan, and I have believed it all these years. Now I know I was right. Thanks for the excellent video, Bill Smith. You are spot on!


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