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Chabad Lubivitch – The Jewish Mafia that runs the world

Chabad Lubivitch are the italian mafia Chabad Lubivitch are the russian mafia Chabad Lubivitch are the Japanese mafia Chabad Lubivitch are the Chinese mafia Chabad Lubivitch are behind every Terrorist group Chabad Lubivitch are organised crime lords that run all your Governments and Industries… behind the scenes.

Jew World Order

In the first few pages of Jewish Supremacism, Duke quotes Dr. Richard Steinlight, a former head of National Affairs for the largest Jewish organisation in the United States. Here is the quotation taken from a 2001 magazine article written by Dr. Steinlight:- ‘I’ll confess it at least, like thousands of other typical kids of my […]

Australian Government Jews

Australian Government Jews A two Party preferred system, which everyone is owned and run by the Jews… that’s not a democracy! Voting at the polls gives the illusion that we live in a democracy.. but the real truth is, we have always been under a dictatorship since the British Jew Empire invaded in 1788. Biggest […]

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