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Clinton on 2005 Palestinian elections: ‘If we were going to push for elections, we should have made sure that we did something to determine who was going to win’

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton displayed a brazen contempt for Palestinian democracy in a 2006 meeting with Jewish journalists in Brooklyn, according to a new report. She also warned of the rise of “Islamo-fascism” as a “global threat that needs a global response.” According to the Observer, Clinton told the editors of the Jewish Press: “I […]

Invite to Netanyahu brought a big donor to Dem thinktank– and ‘we’ll never be called anti-Semitic again’

The latest emails from the Clinton campaign released by Wikileaks are radioactive. Two emails last year to campaign chairman John Podesta from Neera Tanden, head of the Clintonite thinktank Center for American Progress, lay bare the influence of Zionist money on the political process as nothing else has. “Netanyahu was worth it….” “the far left […]

Why Standing Rock matters

Once again, I seem to be glued to my monitor, this time streaming live scenes of the confrontation at Standing Rock in North Dakota.  Thousands of unarmed civilians are being attacked by heavily-militarized police and private security, as they seek to protect their lands, their natural resources, their cultural heritage. Succinctly expressing the outrage of […]

Five-year-old Palestinian boy banned from visiting father in Israeli prison

Prisoners Israel bans 5-year-old Palestinian boy from visiting father in prison RAMALLAH (Ma‘an) 30 Oct — Israeli authorities have banned 5-year-old Ibrahim from visiting his father, Palestinian Muhammad Ahmad Abd al-Fatah Abu Fanunah, in prison, Abu Fanunah’s wife said to Voice of Prisoners (Sawt al-Asra) radio on Sunday. Umm Mahmoud told the radio station that […]

650k Emails on Jew’s Jailbait Monitoring Device; Hillary Keeps Up War Against Feds

Andrew AnglinDaily Stormer October 31, 2016 Six-hundred-and-fifty thousand emails! The FBI in internal revolt against Hillary-shielding agenda! Did I just hear somebody say…? BURN BABY BURN! Is it easier to drain a burning swamp, I wonder??? Wall Street Journal: Federal agents are preparing to scour roughly 650,000 emails contained on the laptop of former Rep. […]

James Comey Confirmed Working Directly for Vladimir Putin!

Andrew AnglinDaily Stormer October 31, 2016 The Democrats are incapable of blaming anything on the Republicans at this point, as is their usual strategy, because Donald Trump is at war with them as well. Donald Trump is at war with the entire system. So they have to blame Russia. Harry Reid has suggested Rogue Agent […]

The David Duke Show: Countdown 7 Days to Vote for Duke and Trump!

David Duke October 31, 2016 Today Dr. Duke had radio talk show host Farren Shoaf as his guest for the hour. They went into the various criminal aspects of the revelations about Hillary Clinton. In addition to the outrages of Hillary’s support for ISIS via massive weapons shipments to Saudi Arabia, Mr. Shoaf pointed out […]

Trump Thanks Jewish Weiner

Andrew AnglinDaily Stormer October 31, 2016 OOSH. Thanking the skype for jailbait camwhore sessions on skype. Now that, my friends, is entertainment. NBC News: In a twist that could happen only in 2016, Donald Trump is giving thanks to disgraced former Democratic congressman Anthony Weiner. Weiner is earning kudos from Trump, the Republican presidential nominee […]

Peter Thiel’s Pro-Trump Speech at National Press Club

Andrew AnglinDaily Stormer October 31, 2016 This is from this morning. Nice speech. Good American goy. Sucks dicks but doesn’t talk about it. In fact, he hid it until the kikes of Gawker doxed him. Unlike Elon Musk, he’s actually talented. Source Article from

Culture War – The ‘Have Mores’ Mock DAPL Protectors for Halloween

Dylan Charles, EditorWaking Times  More evidence emerges that a culture war, or class war, is brewing between the 99% and the 1%, between the ‘Have-Mores’ and the ‘Have-Nots.’ Or, more truthfully between the middle and lower socio-economic classes who are forced to follow the law and pay taxes, and the elite who […]

Politicians in debt-stricken Ukraine reveal lavish fortunes, spark public outcry

Ukrainian politicians and officials had until November 1 to file declarations of their assets to an open searchable web platform. The move is part of an anti-corruption fight in the country and comes in the wake of respective laws passed on February 16 and March 15 this year. The legislation also demands that relatives who […]

2 killed, 37 injured in ‘poisonous substance’ attack on Aleppo – Russian MoD

“Illegal armed groups fired homemade shells fitted with poisonous substances against the Dahiyat Al-Assad and Al-Hamdaniya districts in Aleppo” on Sunday, Russia’s Defense Ministry reported. The attack was first reported by Syrian media, who said at least 15 people experienced severe breathing problems following the assault. A local doctor told RT that the symptoms among […]

Lost in Translation? Israeli outraged after getting ‘no guests from Israel’ reply from German hotel

A company of four Israeli families booked a trip to Germany for August next year involving several legs, Jerusalem Post reported. Yet one of the facilities, a guesthouse located in a tiny community of Zell am Harmersbach in the southern Federal State of Baden-Wurttemberg later asked for the cancellation of the booking, saying they don’t […]

Young Indonesian woman caned for getting ‘too close’ to her boyfriend

The woman was one of five people to receive a caning on Monday in front of a crowd outside the Masjid Al-Muttaqin mosque in the regional capital of Banda Aceh. The others included her 21-year-old boyfriend and three others who were accused of gambling. After being read out their offenses, those judged “guilty” were brought […]

German army creates ‘reality show’ to boost popularity, critics warn of distortions

The reality show, titled ‘The Recruits’, depicts the daily lives of 12 army newcomers during their basic training. The show is split into 90 episodes of about five minutes each and will be put on the Bundeswehr YouTube channel every day, starting from November 1. The project is part of a larger campaign by the […]

MUTINY AT THE FBI: Comey warned by his own agents to indict Clinton or watch the FBI’s reputation go down in flames

(NaturalNews) As America inches toward open revolt over the runaway criminality and collusion of the democrats and the media, another kind of revolt is taking place inside the FBI. According to multiple sources in the independent media — now the only remaining “free press” in America — FBI director James Comey was forced […]

4 Reasons Why Relationships Fail, Even When THAT Person is ‘The One’

Print Friendly or Save as PDF November 1st, 2016 By Jane Dizon Guest writer for Wake Up World Most of us want to be with someone who understands, appreciates, and loves us for who we are. We’re looking for the one who says all the right things at exactly the right time. (That sounded like […]

Follow Your Bliss Instinct!

Print Friendly or Save as PDF Note from the editor: In June 2016, our dear friend and long-time Wake Up World contributor Indra Love passed away. She left behind a legacy of love, lightness and insight, and remarkably, in the months leading up to her death, also left a great deal of unpublished written material in our care. Indra wanted […]

Newly Discovered Species Named for President Obama

President Obama honored by having a new found organism named after him. A new organism has been discovered and named after President Obama. The organism is described in the August issue of Journal of Parasitology (JoP) as having a long, thread-like body. It represents both a new genus and species of […]

48% of Russians Fear Syria Could Lead to Third World War

Christof Lehmann (nsnbc) : Almost half of Russians polled by the independent Levada Center fear that worsening relations with the West over the situation in Syria could lead to a third world war. The number of those in Russia and “the West” who would express “serious concerns about a third world war” would be significantly […]

Michel Aoun Elected Lebanon’s New President

nsnbc : Lebanon’s unicameral parliament, on Monday, elected the 81-year-old Christian General (ret) Michel Naim Aoun as the country’s new president. The office has been vacant since former president Michel Suleiman left office on May 25, 2014. The 81-year-old retired general is the leader of Lebanon’s Free Patriotic Movement. Parliament vote twice. During the first […]

Turkey Imposes Travel Ban on Kurdish Member of Parliament

nsnbc : Turkey’s 5th High Criminal Court in the southern Sanli Urfa province imposed a travel ban on Figen Yükesdag, a member of parliament elected in her predominantly Kurdish constituency and a member of Turkey’s Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP). The HDP, on Sunday, condemned the court for imposing the travel ban on the party’s co-chair […]

State of Emergency Decrees Unlawful: Head of Turkey’s Bar Associations

nsnbc : Metin Feyzioglu, the head of Turkey’s Bar Associations (TTB), said state of emergency decrees imposed by the government are unlawful and denounced the government of continuing to impose sweeping measures which began after the failed military coup earlier this year. Addressing journalists on Saturday Feyzioglu said: “What’s being done is unlawful and neglectful.”  […]

Lebanese Parliament Elects Michel Aoun as President, Celebrations Govern Scene

Local Editor Lebanon finally has a new president. Lawmakers threw their support behind Michel Aoun, a strong Hizbullah ally, to fill the country’s long-vacant presidency. The parliament convened at noon Monday for the voting session in its 46th attempt to elect a head of state. Aoun was elected after four rounds of voting during the […]

The Real Reasons Why FBI Director James Comey Reopened the Hillary Email Investigation

This last Friday it became public record that FBI Director James Comey reopened the Hillary Clinton email server investigation after repeatedly testifying before Congress and the world up to last July that he’d closed the case, after in his words not finding sufficient evidence of “any criminal wrongdoing” to indict her in spite of her four years as Secretary […]

Syrian Arab Army sappers blow up Daesh’ headquarters in Deir ez-Zor

Syrian Arab Army sappers detonated a bomb in a tunnel that was dug under a building in the Syrian city of Deir ez-Zor, where hundreds of Daesh terrorists (mercenaries of the self-proclaimed Islamic State, IS, ISIS, ISIL) had reportedly gathered. National Defence Force leader (transcript from Arabic): “This road, the only road that leads to […]


Ziad Fadel  DAMASCUS:  I have been telling you for many months that the Saudi-financed Jaysh Al-Islam terrorist enterprise is finished.  Since the day the Syrian Air Force killed the notorious devil-worshiping child molester and fecal fetishist, Zahraan ‘Alloosh, this gang of psychos has lost heart and has been negotiating settlements with the inhabitants of the areas […]

israeli policemen brutalize Palestinian child in east Jerusalem

Source Palastine Today Israeli policemen on Sunday afternoon detained and physically assaulted a Palestinian child in Occupied Jerusalem before releasing him later on the same day. A family source said that 10-year-old Adnan Amr was severely beaten and sprayed with pepper gas in his face by Israeli policemen from Har Homa (Abu Ghneim) settlement, southeast […]

Milwaukee Police Must Consider Alternatives To Handle Under-Reported Opium Crisis

This article was originally published by The Pontiac Tribune by the same author. The drug war’s casualties reach far beyond bloated penitentiary yards, fractured rehab facilities, and it’s own endless perpetuation. America’s opioid crisis, and it’s scale, is straining police, the policed, and the decades old rhetoric between them. Milwaukee Wisconsin is no stranger, nor […]

Update: Jay Anderson Never Held Gun To Tosa Officer, Police Moved Gun From Car

Striking new details have been released by attorneys regarding the Jay Anderson shooting in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin. Officials say dash cam footage has been enhanced by the DOJ (Department Of Justice) and shows Anderson never brandished a gun. The actions of not only the shooting officer, but also responding Wauwatosa PD investigators are also under close […]

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