the Jew Media octopus

The Jew Media Octopus:

(TV Broadcast/Film Ownership and Management)

FULL JEW: Mother or both parents Jewish. HALF JEW: Father Jewish, mother non-Jewish, or what they call a “shiksa.” CRYPTO JEW: Evidence of Jewish heritage purposefully hidden; the last name was usually changed at some point in the past. Some Jews below may qualify, but only noted when it’s known they or their family did this; same thing with being a homo. SHABBOS GOY: Politely termed a “philoSemite,” but really a traitorous, non-Jewish Gentile willing to work for Jewish, Zionist interests and/or multicult brainwashing to earn a fat paycheck. None of these types will say JACK, publicly and usually privately too, or risk losing fancy careers and even social standing. This is due to “PC,” a diabolical mind-set promoted by Globalist Jewry over the decades to keep Whites from seeing the real power structure pulling the strings.

NOTE: “EX” means Executive, like in “Executive Vice President.” “Former” means they once held that position.

Note: The Jews at the CW Network (right) have been making concerted, noticiable efforts to brainwash and push “diversity” down the throats of rural Whites, like at NASCAR races and the all-too-obvious multicult and “diversity” programming. Jew Mark Pedowitz just took over prez position from Dawn Ostroff, another Jew.

On-Screen talent

Most Americans haven’t a clue, but the majority of those you you see on TV today and think are White are really Ashkenazi, or Khazar Jews (having a non-Jewish sounding name and White looks is always big career boost for Jew “journalists”). In fact, true European White Gentiles are really just mere “tokens,” or window dressing, since upper management Jews try to avoid having too many obvious Jews in the bigger, more visible anchor spots where the deal might get spotted.

Also, pay attention to how the Jews skip from one network job to the next, without the least problem, even after they’ve done something to tarnish their repution, like Jeff Zucker’s Leno/Conan PR debacle at NBC and Judith Miller’s conviction over Iraq WMD disinfo work for Zionist intel ops (she’s on FOX for Islamophobia duties during the day). Another good example is Katie Couric, who jumps all over the place, failed miserably in ratings as anchor on CBS, then strolls on over to ABC. This is because Jew upper management will always go that extra mile for a fellow Jew, whenever possible.

Notice, too, media Jewry practices blatent career nepotism all the time. If your daddy worked in media, that puts you in the front of the line anywhere. Same thing can happen with really useful SHABBOS GOYS, like the inexperienced Chelsea Clinton getting a big reporter gig over at NBC; both her parents are major NWO whores and multicult icons, plus Chelsea’s also married to a Jew.

CNBC (business channel) onscreen Jews talking to the sheep before they are shorn. Someone else wise to the deal did the above graphic.


These are the people they bring on to tell all us hoi polloi what and how to think. The show’s anchor may be a goy (cute blonde shiksas are popular), but those he/she talks to on-screen will be Jews and/or “people of color” (for the multicult angle). Usually, what you’ll see is a liberal White goy talking to a supposedly “expert” Jew and a black who can at least speak understandably without using ebonics (enough right there for a fat paycheck).

The nasally and obnoxious Mark Potok (right), a known homo Jew of the SPLC (Jew intel and anti-White control organization), is a favorite go-to guy when the media Jews want to attack pro-Whites on-air, or even slander plain anti-illegal immigrant and American patriots as “White supremacists.” If you pay attention, you’ll see that doesn’t matter one bit to the media when it comes to policing and keeping Whites guilty about race. That’s the big scam Jews have going on.

Pam Geller (right) has website dedicated to fighting “evil Muslim terrorists.” This alone seems to be enough for Jew media to put her on TV in front of millions as an “expert.” Geller’s operations (including speaking engagements) must certainly be funded and provided complex anti-Muslim articles by covert Zionist psyop people (no way party gal Geller could write all the things she supposedly does). This is to manipulate American citizens (especially patriotic Christian Zionists), so America supports Israel with tens of billions yearly. These Jews are tricky bastards across the board — especially when it comes to scamming money and supporting Israel.

A few notable Shabbos Goys and/or married into the mob.

Being married to a Jew is a big career boost for media types. Jews feel more comfortable that you’re not a secret Nazi who might expose just how many of them are really in the media. All these people — on-screen talent, management, producers, writers, etc. – understand if one negative word is ever uttered about Jew control, the State of Israel or even 9/11 truth, the person will immediately get fired. They’ll be forced to find employment in anything other than media since the “old boy’s network” has actually been “the Jew’s network” all along. This is well understood in the media ranks, even if they won’t admit to your face.

More will be added.


Look it over, America: Our heads are now totally under control by the Globalist, Zionist Jews. It’s estimated that 96% of the Western world’s media is owned outright by the Jews. They are literally everywhere, in staggering proportions, as opposed to their supposedly fewer numbers in the general population.†

It’s little wonder why so much is being kept from the rest of us (including the absolutely horrible things the Jewish State of Israel does to the Palestinians and Lebanese).

This is why White people are getting screwed, Christianity slimed, our morality going to hell in a handbasket, the nation’s economy raped, Globalism promoted, why our politics are so messed up, evil false flags like 9/11 covered up and why we get in all these ridiculous entangling wars and rebellions in the Mideast (costing us lives and trillions).

This is why things SUCK more and more by the day. Whether or not it’s purposeful (indeed it is — Globalist Jewry is obviously using us to create the NWO), but one thing for sure, these insular and subversive people are now destroying the America of our Forefathers. No doubt at all.

NOTE: It’s simply NOT possible to be complete or always up to date (I’m only one guy here – not a super computer). Also, it’s not in perfect order and certainly many “crypto-Jews” are missed (some cryptos, homos and shabbos goys are noted when known).* Those listed here only scratch the surface of Jew media domination; lower management, radio and print are barely touched (many of the on-screen “Pundits” are also writers/editors in print). Additional photo blocks and updates will be done as time goes on. Go to the end for more info.

Please leave any additions or corrections in comment section below!

These are not minor, incidental positions, either. Research it, talk to people in the business (those who will talk) and you’ll see.

* You can never go by names when it comes to Jews. Many have changed them, either by themselves or from their families in the past. Some may be Jewish on their mother’s side (making them technically fully Jewish — like Bill Maher). Many are not religious in the least, but that’s not important, only that they protect and advance International Jewry and/or the Zionist NWO – no matter what it does to America.

†Although it’s said that Jews are only 2.5% of the US population, this number is certainly wrong. They are at least 3% and very possibly upwards of 10%. The real numbers have long been purposely manipulated by Jewry ever since they got here, trying to keep us “goyim” from getting too worried. And remember, it’s not really a numbers thing, it’s a mental control thing going on (the country’s mind set is molded to protect Jews).

From WHO CONTROLS AMERICA: Of the forty-eight (48) senior executives of the major Hollywood studios, trade unions, and talent agencies, forty (40) are Jews or have Jewish spouses. This is a numerical representation of 83%. This means that Jews are over-represented among the senior executives of the major Hollywood studios, trade unions, and talent agencies by a factor of 41.5 times, or 4,150 percent. This extreme numerical over-representation of Jews among the senior executives of the major Hollywood studios, trade unions, and talent agencies cannot be explained away as a coincidence or as the result of mere random chance.

Many thanks to WHO CONTROLS AMERICA; go there for updated list and links to who, what, where. See just how Jew-controlled Hollywood and the media is in America!


 Don’t you ever wonder why they make such a big deal about certain things on TV?

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2 Responses to “the Jew Media octopus”

  1. Dangerman says:

    You can add Howard Stern, Phil Robertson, John Haggee and Rob Parsley to the list.

  2. Davaro Neuschö says:

    P.O.T.E.O.Z Protocol17

    The king of the Jews will be the true pope of the universe, the patriarch of an invisible church.

    P.O.T.E.O.Z Protocol15
    King of Israel, when he sits on the sacred crown of his head, which will offer him all over Europe, which will be the patriarch of the world. This sacrifice is the number of the rulers of the cities that are necessary for the number of the wear you have never been to the Jews’ language in the course of the dispute, who were brought

    NWO – Supreme Court in Jerusalem: The Throne of the Antichrist

    As early as 1836, Amschelmeyer Rothschild received a letter from rabbi Hirschkeller, revealing to him the divine plan: “The beginning of salvation is made natural by the desire of the Jews to settle in Palestine, and the disillusionment of the nations In this work. “The Holocaust was probably part of a plan (see 1897) to prepare the foundations for the appearance of a Jewish Messiah. After the Jews had returned to Palestine and the temple had been rebuilt, “God wrote … his prophet and his anointed king,” wrote Kalischer.

    All Muslim terrorists and terrorist groups are also members of the Masonic Muslimship, Obama. Here is MB’s plan for the Islamization of Europe with a Masonic blessing on the EU

    Transkript von Bavarian Illuminati: A New World Order

    According to the elitist Zionist faith, the Messiah will compete in the year 5777 according to the Jewish calendar, in 2017 according to our calendar. So that he can get it, everything must be finished before. This means that the world must accept, absorb and worship the Messiah = SATAN. What must be done to make people ready? Humanity must be so deeply shaken that it is no other choice – in this sense even voluntarily, as one’s own conviction – to crown the Messiah as ruler of the world.

    For this purpose, it is necessary that e.g. A third world war.

    In any case, the Zionists are under immense pressure of time. For if the Messiah-their Messiah-will not be succumbed in the year 5777, Their prophecy is invalidated. And they can not and will not allow that. After 5777, there will be no more messiah.
    The need in the year 5777 to see the Messiah, the ruler of the world on the throne ABSOLUTE PRIMARY OBJECTIVE. Everything else is unimportant. The Third World Council can not take place in 2017, because the implementation of such a world ruler requires a certain chronological sequence, which on the one hand is prophesical and, on the other hand, tied to manipulation.

    Prophets technically, the 3.WK must take place before. But not only that!
    Manipulation technology because the world population can not change their attitudes and attitudes from day to day. This requires time and effort. At least one to three years before 2017.
    The end of miracles 5776 – 5777 Messiah – in the Bible encodes part 1 Glazerson


    If I can live ‘net’, then ‘mer all go on it.
    (When the Xer said it)önnt_ir_Mich_Hören%3F

    Xavier Naidoo She’s In The Square Lyrics

    What If Mannheim Zion Is You Can See You
    But The Necessary Biblical Study You Still Have To Enjoy
    As The Time Sets You A Trap
    I’ve been telling you
    Now Know It All And Now Is Canceled

    It Is Made In The Quadrangle – Revelation 21, 16
    In my favor
    Have I Zion First Seen

    As soon as the Messiah comes, all [non-Jews] are slaves of the Jisraélites. (Erubin 43 b)

    The King of Israel will be the true pope of the world, the patriarch of the international Church. P.O.T.E.O.Z Protocols 15, 17, 24

    That’s why he uses the XP instead of XN: (Not from this world)
    Greek XP (X = Ch, P = R) = ChrR = Abbreviation for Christ; Alpha + Omega = Start + Target.

    Xavier Naidoo Are you with me? Lyrics ( In German: Seid ihr mit mir? Songtext)

    Xavas- The future carries my name
    His name Xavier means the new house thus the third temple is meant in Jerusalem

    Name meaning:

    In this document, one speaks of Ring Solomon “Banned from the Bible”
    ( has Xavier Naidoo Middle finger( and also greeted Lucifer on 14.04.2009 hand In space or hand of god into the search engine.

    Solomon’s testament in English has 130 verses

    His second artist’s name of the Xer (Palindrom) was rewritten Rex’s meaning in the Latin King at the Illuminati Pyramid the 12 stage see in this video ( “from the 6 minute the explanation The Illuminati pyramid level ”

    A palindrome is a word, phrase, number, or other sequence of characters which reads the same backward as forward, such as madam or racecar.

    Name meaning:

    Illuminati in 13 different degrees

    The first level:
    1. Children’s room
    2. Preparation
    3. Apprentice
    4. Minerval
    5. Illuminatus Minor

    Second Level:
    1. Journeyman of the craft
    2. Master Freemason
    3. Illuminatus Major and Illuminatus conductors

    Third Level:
    1. Priest
    2. Regent
    3. Magnus
    4. Rex
    5. King or Areopagite

    Level 14 is the Supreme 144,000 Sages of Zion

    Level 15 is Yahweh

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    The image photo of a Freemason’s Bible of the Blue Lodges. In the pyramid, read אהיה, which is another tetragram for JHWH. Clearly visible: Yahweh is the god of Freimaurer.

    The Jewish Museum Berlin offered a special exhibition entitled “10 + 5 = Gott. The Power of the Signs “. The title refers to the fact that the consonant “iodine” has the value 10, “He” has the value 5 according to its position in the Hebrew alphabet. Both represent the Hebrew short form of the tetragram (JH or “Jah”). The exhibition catalog noted: “… to write the name of God is a taboo in Judaism. The exhibition itself uses only the Arabic numerals 10 + 5 for “God”, but not the Hebrew characters Iod and He. It did not violate the Jewish pronunciation of the god name, since in Judaism only Hebrew is the holy language also for the divine names.

    In the Logenmuseum Chemnitz it is mentioned that Freimaurer worship Yahweh. Now often one reads, the high-freemason Lucifer worship, usually Albert Pike is quoted. Only these quotations are all torn out of context, because Pike does not believe in a personified good God or an evil god like Lucifer or Satan, which is for Pike the legend and the naive idea of ​​God.

    David Icke The Saturn Matrix & Saturn Symbolism

    Jah stands for Yahweh

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    Hand of God ‘seen in NASA space telescope

    (CNN) – New photos published by NASA Images of a giant star formation captured a human hand resembling through the space. The image, taken by NASA’s space-based Chandra observatory telescope, shows an X-ray fog 150 over light years. It shows what spooky blue fingers seem to be – thumbs and small fingers clearly out of the index, ring recognizable and middle finger – into a sparkling cloud of burning red.

    Hand or to her forehead – The Beast

    And it is that the little ones, the great ones, the rich and the poor, the free ones and the servants-all give themselves a mark on their right hand or on their foreheads,
    That no one can buy or sell, that he has the mark, the name of the beast, or the number of his name.

    This story appeared for the first time in 1973, but was only popular in 1976 after a publication in Christian Life Magazine.

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