MP Andrew Bridgen: I’m Afraid COVID Vaccine Deaths Are ‘Going to Be Bigger Than the Holocaust’

“We are witnesses to the greatest medical scandal in this country in living memory — and possibly ever,” British member of the UK parliament Andrew Bridgen declared during a monumental speech in the House of Commons.

MP Bridgen has shown himself to be a man who does not mince words or shy away from telling the truth as he sees it. He paid a heavy cost when he was stripped of the Conservative Party whip and then subsequently cast out of the party after tweeting that a leading cardiologist had told him that the vaccine rollout was the biggest crime against humanity since the Holocaust.

But recently, Bridgen has taken it one step even further. In a recent interview with a Resistance GB journalist, Bridgen now says that he is “afraid” that deaths from the COVID-19 injections are going to be “bigger than the Holocaust.”

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“We’ve got to be somewhere between 10 and 20 million people have been killed by these experimental vaccines worldwide, and it’s still going up,” lamented Bridgen.

When asked if more British MPs are coming out on the vaccine issue, Bridgen replied, “No.” He says most of the other MPS are silent on this because they “have got their hands in the blood up to their armpits.”

The British MP also stated that there is “overwhelming” evidence of mRNA vaccine harms and a “clear link” between the shots and an increased incidence of cancer, citing a newly peer-reviewed study from Japan.

Bridgen said, “The evidence was pretty considerable 18 months ago when I first spoke out. I mean, it’s overwhelming now. Every week, there’s more evidence. Paper out last week in Japan of a clear link now between people who’ve had the boosters and increased cancer. We know why. It’s the SV40, the simian virus 40 promoter region that Pfizer didn’t disclose [is] in their vaccines. I mean, there’s a clear link with promoting cancer.”

10 to 20 Million Deaths?

MP Andrew Bridgen is not pulling this 10 to 20 million COVID-19 vaccine death figure out of nowhere.

In September 2023, Denis Rancourt and his fellow scientists conducted an all-cause mortality analysis to assess the potential negative impact of the COVID-19 injections.

What they found was stunning: all-cause mortality increased every time the COVID-19 shots were deployed.

Here’s the 50,000-foot view:

Video via The Epoch Times.

For every 800 injections administered, Rancourt and his colleagues concluded in their 180-page paper that one vaccine-related death occurred.

This 1-in-800 number becomes even more alarming when you consider how many doses were given.

At the time of Rancourt and colleagues’ report, 13.5 billion COVID-19 injections were administered.

Divide that number by 800, and you end up with approximately 17 million COVID-19 vaccine-related deaths.

Watch the full interview with MP Bridgen:

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