ACH (1998) Mallificus Scott – The Limeys #99 – Sohna And Mohna

ACH (1998) Mallificus Scott – The Limeys #99 – Sohna And Mohna

In today’s show originally broadcast on December 12 2022, Andy presents “The Limeys” with his co-host Mallificus Scott for a show entitled, “Sohna And Mohna.”

We discussed: the Family Guy YouTube video clip that we played during the show intro segment; why a cold day gets warmer when it starts to snow; whether or not it is worth getting cryogenically preserved; the importance of revisiting your family home movies with your parents; to photograph or not to photograph; why does my DVD player’s remote control also operate my hard disc recorder; “The Dave And Duke Call In Show” and Blackbird9’s “Saturday Snack Shack”; Christmas dinners; Brother Willy’s podcast; budget crisps; this week’s television review, “Miami Vice”; the Your Daily Shakespeare’s quote of the week “When to the session of sweet silent thought, I summon up remembrance of things past, I sigh the lack of many a thing I sought, And with old woes new wail my dear time’s waste.”; life’s rich tapestry; VPN’s, Tor Browser, and ClipGrab.Org; this week’s, “if my democratic right to free speech did not probibit me from doing so I would,” segment; how we are now up to 2,362 deaths and 474,018 people injured from the vaccines according to figures off the UK Government website; Mallificus’ news on “The Great Distraction”; why the massive increase in energy prices is nothing more than a rip off by the energy companies; dying your hair; the life of two conjoined twins in India; the definition of true diversity in society; how the BBC persecutes people in the UK who have told them they do not need a television licence; The Limeys Tard Of The Week; Mallificus’ news roundup of the week; and many other topics.


Click Here For The YouTube Video Clip Of “Family Guy” That We Played During The Show Intro Segment

Click Here For Jimmie’s Your Daily Shakespeare Website

Click Here For The Times Article “The PPE Rich List: Covid Firms Unmasked”

Click Here For The Daily Mail Article “Conjoined Twin Electricians Spark Outcry In India After Revealing They Are Paid ONE Salary For Their Government Job Despite Being Two People

Click Here For The Jewish News Article “Police Commissioner Criticises ‘Incredibly Offensive’ Jewish Road Sign”


Click Here For The British Government’s Page “Coronavirus (COVID-19) Vaccine Adverse Reactions” And Click On The Five Analysis Prints That Claims An Aggregate Total Of 2,362 People Have Died And 474,018 People Have Been Injured After Taking The Vaccine

Click Here For Proof That The British Government Expected A HIGH VOLUME OF ADVERSE REACTIONS TO THE COVID-19 VACCINE. Scroll Down To Point II.1.4 On This European Union Website

Click Here For The British Government’s Page “Vaccine Damage Payment”

Click Here For The Office Of National Statistics Report Showing That 6,183 People Have Died Of Covid Only In The UK


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