First, it is FACT no one has EVER Isolated, Identified or reproduced ANY “Virus”.
Science can not prove virus exist.

Most Virologist probably really believe in what they are doing as they spent years in school being indoctrinated with “facts” out of a text book.
When one researches where the “facts” came from, one finds Voodoo “science” and outright fraud.
Virology and vaccines is a religion.

True believers are found in other religions based on “facts” which come out of a book which when investigated leads to Voodoo theology and out right fraud.

If one leaves the voodoo behind and studies the cobbling together of the Roman Bible by the little boy raping priest of Roman “christianity”, one finds most of the writings they used were written from 100 to 300 years after Jesus the christ was murdered by the Romans for trying to kick the Romans out of Judea.

The cobblers of the Bible threw out writings which did not support the Roman Slave Religion they were birthing, rewrote much of what they did use.

Zionist Zombie “christians” will froth at the mouth if you suggest each and every word in the Bible was not given directly by God and is TRUE.

When someone like me with a memory for details has read that bible many times, they can point out where different parts contradict other parts and the huge holes in the cobbled together theology.

So is God a liar, or just real forgetful of what he already said?

Question “The Science” of the textbooks of Virology and Vaccines and you get the same frothing at the mouth anger and hysteria as when pointing out to a true believer zionist zombie christian their operation manual is full of contradictions and mistakes.

The Amish who on religious grounds do not poison their children with vaccines, have almost no autism in their children.

In vaccinated America, every time the criminal government has forced an increase in the number of vaccines on children, the number of autistic children per a set number of births has gone up.

I have three or four pages of every vaccine they could dream up while I was in the military.
Then they hit me with an experimental Anthrax vaccine using squalene oil as an adjutant which killed tens of thousands of GIs and disabled multitudes of that.

My immune system is shit.
The wife almost died in 1976 when the US government created hysteria over “swine flu” and started jabbing people with a “swine flu vaccine”.

Months back we both came down with whatever was going around being called “COVID-19”.
It was a rough week in bed with a slow building back up of strength.

Our son turned 31 the other day so we all went down town to a fancy restaurant, rubbed shoulders with a bunch of killer jabbed people.

The wife and I both came down sick.
Not as bad as several months back but no picnic.

The first episode our son who lives with us and even when we are sick we prepare his food because he is autistic, did not get sick.

This time, setting at the same table with the same people eating the same food, living in the same house he did not get sick.

The differences is when he was diagnosed as autistic at three years old I got a vaccine waver for him from the State and he has NEVER had another vaccine jabbed into him.

His immune system works because it has not been totally damaged by repeated vaccines.

Vaccinated children have more sickness, more asthma, more medical problems than non jabbed kids.

Love your children?
Stop poisoning them!

The Ole Dog


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