Atheist Must Try To Explain Everything With “Science”

One who does not believe in a Power which gave life to the universe, laid down the laws of nature, must try to explain everything with “science”.

Up front I will tell you I do not believe in a man like creature with a magic wand and ESP called “God”.
But I except and honor the Source which created the University, all in it and laid out the rules by which universe, life and nature would progress.

I haven’t a clue on this side of the vail what shape or form that entity is.
I don’t have to to as I except by faith that power exist.

As I can except by faith that power does exist, I do not have to try to justify my belief with “scientific” mumbo jumbo.

I understand reincarnation.

If someone choses to believe the lies of the little boys raping Roman priest of one life, up and down, they are retarding their own spiritual growth.
But then in this school, all learning and the test at the end is an individual effort and achievement.

So beyond those creatures I personally love or have affection for, it’s none of my business what they choose to believe as long as they do not try to force their delusions or the ramification of their delusions on me or those creatures I have affection for.

I feel pity for those who do not have enough understanding or faith to just accept the template of this world laid out by beings so much more advanced than any two legged being walking on this rock.

The rules of the universe are unchanging.
The “rules” of “Science” changes every day.

The Ole Dog!


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