Belarus will enter the Ukraine war

Romania is prepared to sacrifice its NATO membership and wants the part of Ukraine that was formerly Romania to be returned to Romania.

Hungary also has a demands for opposition politician located in Ukraine be returned to Hungary, in effect overriding NATO.

US base attacked in Syria near North East Jordanian border, while soldiers slept.  3 killed.  Many (35) injured.  Originally reported as an attack on US base in Jordan by Iranian proxies.

The Middle East is littered with US bases.

Trump talking no war in Middle East if he was President.

US say response will be assssination strategy.

Turkey recently signed a cooperation agreement with Iran covering ten key areas.    This is also a slap in the face for NATO.

TAP – The UK has agreed to go to war on the command of the US President, and is vulnerable with Biden in control, who recently ordered us to mobilise and deploy against Russia.

England should withdraw from the collapsing NATO which we can do by exiting the UK, and ignore Biden’s ridiculous orders which will kill thousands of otherwise perfectly healthy human beings from many countries. The English Democrats (The Tiny Teds)  National Council proposed two years ago that England make peace negotiations with Russia and end the sanctions.  The TIny Teds are also proposing a referendum for England to exit the UK undoing UN Migration Pact,  NATO membership, WHO/UK treaties,  WEF/UK treaties,  G20/UK agreements.




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