Blood Libel – Jewish Ritualistic Murder

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Finally. It all fits into place now, I can at last make sense of the non-sense that plagues humanity. Since writing an essay 2 years ago which turned into an internet article read by thousands about the fact that German people did not gas 6 million Jews in WWII as we have been told, and that gargantuan lie was planted in our consciousness to perpetuate the ensnaring of  the greater Israel and the world by the Zionist Jews, hiding their own racial agenda under false cries of racism and persecution, someone challenged me to write about even darker depths of the human story.

A sure way to assure very few people will pay any attention to a particular story is to make it so grotesque it precludes scrutiny because it is too awful to bear. I have been bearing that burden in order to write this piece. The justification that the Jewish sect of humanity are able to tell such horrendous lies about the Germans and the ‘6 Million’ is simply because their religious scriptures teach them it is not a crime to lie or cheat a non-Jew.

I have been perusing the Talmud, and the Jewish Encyclopaedia, amongst other sacred Jewish teachings and discovered to my abject horror, that these religious scriptures have many loopholes for all sorts of crimes against non-Jewish humanity.

Talmud, Zahar Bereshith 256:

Redemption will not be complete until Amlek (Gentiles) will be exterminated.”

The Jewish Encyclopaedia Gentile P9 620:

If a Jew is ever caught telling a Gentile the teachings of the Talmud such an act is punishable by death.”

Talmud Babu Kamn 13a:

A non-Jew is wrong in any argument with a Jew.

Talmud Sanhedrin 57a:

It is ok to cheat a non-Jew.”

Talmud Lore Dea 158,1:

A Jew cannot cure a non-Jew.

Talmud Abhodan Zarah 266:

It is ok to kill a non-Jew.

Who knew? Who knew (unless a Jew) that a rather rich and powerful slice of humanity believe, because their scriptures tell them so, that if you happen to be born into a Jewish bloodline family then it is spiritually and morally acceptable to deceive, cheat and kill another human being.

We, the Gentiles, the non-Jews or Goyims are referred to as thus;

Cattle & creeping things, and beast of the earth to the other peoples, who are not living soul.”

Talmud Seph Jp,92,1:

God has given Jews power over the possessions and blood of all nations.

Sculchan Aruch, Choszen Hamiszpad 348:

All property of other nations belongs to the Jewish nation, which, consequently, is entitled to seize upon it without any scruples.”

Sculchan Aruch, Choszen Hamiszpat 156:

When a Jew has a Gentile in his clutches, another Jew may go to the same Gentile, lend him money and in turn deceive him, so that the Gentile shall be ruined. For the property of a Gentile, according to our Law, belongs to no one, and the first Jew that passes has full right to seize it.”

Not very neighbourly are they? And yet we get accused of anti-Semitism even uttering the ‘Jew’ word. I have nothing against people who speak Semitic languages, I do have a huge non-Kosher beef with the Jews now.

But that’s just the tip of the ice Bergen.

Talmud, Sarihedrim52b:

Adultery does not include sex with a minor.”

There are 3 different Talmud treaties with extensive passages giving legal endorsement to “seduce and marry a 3 year old girl.

In fact, a highly revered Jewish priest Simean Ben You married a 3-year-old baby girl. He said “A proselyte who is under the age of 3 years and 1 day is permitted to marry a priest.

Talmud Kethuban 11b:

When a grown up man has intercourse with a little girl it is nothing, for when the girl is less than this it is as if he puts his finger into the eye. As tears come to the eye again and again so does the virginity come back to the little girl under 3 years.”

In the same section of the Talmud it states when a grown man has sex with a little boy “it is not even regarded as a sexual act”.

Note at this point that Jews, because of their indoctrination, are very attached to blood, gold and bloodlines. In fact, the Talmud states:

God only likes 2 kinds of blood, circumcision and Passover.”

Which brings me grotesquely, to the real subject matter I was challenged to write about.

When a particular story is too awful to bear, investigation and enquiry halts because the heart and mind cannot cope; the subject matter is too horrendous.

So I implore you, read this article dispassionately and ignore your gut reaction on the 1st read. Unless you are Jew-wise already, prejudgment will naturally arise but try to override it. Toil at seeing past the conditioning and social programming you and I have been subjected to at the hands of the system which ultimately, is Jewish controlled.

The Melchizedik Statue at Chartres, holding a Goyim child and a lamb which represents non-Jewish humanity.

The first time the media warned to watch out for our children was in 1154 because a monk, Thomas of Monmouth, wanted the whole world to know about his innocent young relative William, who was abducted by some Jews, who then shaved his head and stabbed him repeatedly with thorn points until he bled to death.

Dr Arnold Leese wrote:

A converted Jew, Theobald of Cambridge confessed that Jews took blood every year from a Christian child because they thought only by doing so could they ever obtain their freedom and return to Palestine; and that it was their custom to draw lots to decide whence the blood was to be supplied.”

Throughout history, cases of Gentiles being murdered around the Jewish festivals of Purim and Passover have been recorded for over 2000 years. In Babylonian times Jews used a Tophet, which was a place to burn sacrificed children. Sometimes the Tophet was in the base of a bronze statue of their God Moloch. Drums and horns would be played to cover the cries of the screaming babes.

  • In 415 Socrates Calasticus reported that “Jews had bound a Gentile child to a cross and poked him until he died.”
  • In 425 Baroneus reported that “Jews crucified a child.
  • In 614 Monk Antiocus reported that “When Jerusalem fell to the Persians, Jews purchased a Gentile child and slew him like a sheep.

These ritual child murders around the time of Passover always have the same modus operandi. A mock crucifiction, scraps of skin taken, often the tongue is cut out, boys intimate parts completely cut out or circumcised, bruises from tight bandages. Sometimes the body or and clothes would be washed clean of blood.

Further recorded incidents of Jewish Ritual Murder:

  • 1115 Germany the day before Passover, Hassidic Jews tortured 5 children and used their blood for occult purposes.
  • 1243 Bavaria Jews were convicted after confessing to using Gentile blood in a rite for Passover.
  • 1255 London 18 prominent Jews were tried and all convicted of ritualistically murdering a Gentile child. One renounced his faith to tell the truth about the incident.

I have yet to point out to you that the perpetrators of these crimes are Rabbis, Jewish Holy Men.

  • 1290 Oxford, England another Jew was arrested for the ritual murder of a child – 1 month later Jews were banned from England, mostly moving to Germany.
  • 1331 another child murdered for ritual.
  • 1335 an innocent named Henry was discovered dead. Pricked in over 60 places he was bled dry.
  • 1420 Venice Jews murdered a Gentile child.
  • 1462 Austria Jews ritualistically murdered a Gentile child on a stone near Innsbruck. The town was called Jude stein (Jew Stone) afterwards.
  • 1475 Italy a child named Simon was murdered and circumcised. Covered in puncture marks, Simon was only 2 years old.
  • 1492 Gaudia, Spain a child named Christopher was discovered also ritualistically murdered. This lead to Isabella of Spain issuing an edict that Jews be banned from Spain forever, that remained intact until 1967. Isabella & Ferdinand had them rounded up and booted out for “Wickedness, and serious and detestable crimes”.

Did I mention the Rabbis are committing these atrocities?

  • 1502 Prague’
  • 1574 Lithuania
  • 1590 Poland – 3 babies murdered
  • 1670 Belarus
  • 1753 3 years old Stefan Studzitsky was abducted. The Jews blindfolded him, closed his mouth with pincers and then whilst holding him in a tub, pricked him from all sides with sharp nails, moving him around in an effort to extract as much blood as possible.
  • 1791 Hungary
  • 1797 Romania
  • 1825 Beirut
  • 1829, 1839
  • 1850 USA up to 100 angry Irishmen and policemen broke into a synagogue to rescue victims.
  • pastedGraphic_1pastedGraphic_11911 Kiev was a game changing case due to many factors. Not only is there a photo of poor little Andre Youschinsky’s dead body, the frustrated prosecuting lawyer wrote a book about the case. There were 3 child witnesses to the abduction, all 3 were poisoned before the trial only 1 survived but was too sick to testify. The police not only planted evidence but also destroyed evidence; never the less the crime was proven to have taken place in the secret synagogue in the accused man’s factory. 13 puncture marks are visible on Andre’s face; there were another 45 on his body. Jews the world over sought to conceal this ritualistic murder of a child, the equivalent of £115,000,000 was spent on the defence. This case it seems, everybody was bribed, poisoned, sacked, shot and murdered, yet the accused man was found not guilty, but died as a ‘Jewish National Hero’ in the USA in 1934.

Jews have a slush fund and a name for these types of crime committed against the Goyim, ‘Blood Libel’.

Traditionally, the term used by Jews to describe human sacrifice pertaining to the Tophet was a Holocaust. Up until 1954 Webster’s New College Dictionary defined a Holocaust as “A sacrificial offering, the whole of which is consumed by fire.” Holocaust took on a new meaning in 1970, pertaining to the lie of Germans gassing Jews in work camps during WWII. We all know the only real holocaust of WWII was the Allied bombing of Dresden and the Holodomor of the Ukraine.

Why, we Gentiles must wonder, would Jews even need such insurance or indeed a term for these accusations of ritualistic murder if they are innocent?

Why, if they are not guilty, have so many respected people throughout history written about such crimes? Doctors, scholars, consuls, lawyers, Popes, priests…

The book written by the lawyer about the case of Andre Youschinksky was ‘classified’ until 1997, and the author was also murdered.

‘The Murder of Little Mary Phagan’ instigated the formation of the Anti Defamation League. Mary Phagan was murdered by a Jew named Leo Frank who had been found guilty by a court of law. He was the former head of B’Nai B’rith and after huge money was thrown at the matter he was later pardoned though not for his innocence, but because the State Governor reduced his death sentence to life imprisonment. An angry lynch mob managed to get hold of him and deliver justice, death by hanging.

I suppose that mob was defined as anti-Semitic.

The ADL is not a just civil liberties pressure group that rode on the back of the black civil liberties groups of the 1960s, they are an organised crime group whose prime objective is securing Israel. They perpetuated the modern lexicon of ‘hate crime’ which, to be Orwellian about it, is double speak. The ADL aka ‘Professional Smear Campaign Zionists’ have such great influence in the USA that their words have transformed into lawmaking. Any organisation that has another nation’s interests at heart should probably not be allowed to be lawmakers. Donors contribute hundreds of millions of dollars annually.

1916 Thomas Burbage wrote “By means of the press (that Jews) control, and their great wealth, Jews are able to stifle any impartial investigation” into ritual murder.

Alilath Seker is the name of the Blood Libel slush fund to hide or stifle Jewish blood crimes against the Gentiles. All the while hiding behind the mind games they play with belligerent cries of Jewish persecution. The Holocaust card gets played in Europe and the anti-Semite card played in USA – the former female governor of Israel has admitted it.

We have to accept the likelihood that some Jews throughout history have been wrongly accused of Ritual Murder, as we should also accept that these types of crimes will also have been carried out undetected. When one owns the world’s media, you can do whatever you want to do which includes promoting yourself as the victim.

A useful weapon against one’s enemies when there is “something uniquely evil with regards to anything said about Jews” is the trump card.

So what about today? Are these Jewish Ritualistic Murders still being executed? The answer has to be a resounding YES. Why on earth would they stop now? But they have got much better at hiding the evidence. The Talmud decrees that “a Gentile must not be buried because they are beasts” so what do they do with the bodies? It is a fact that thousands of people go missing every day, children and adults, so where on earth could they all have possibly have gone? Each year in the USA 800,000 people go missing. In Britain it is 1 every 3 minutes. The sick claim made in the last few years by a Rabbi that apparently does not exist that Jews grind up their ritual murder victims and put them in McDonald’s ‘food’ just shows the demented mind of the Jew. Whether it is true or false, either way it is sick beyond normal human comprehension.

In light of the British MP/celebrity Paedophile scandal in Britain, and thanks to the internet, we have see something truly monstrous crack wide open. I am no fool, the powers that shouldn’t be will of course only allow feed us small fry, either the dead or politically dying.

I now refer you to the ‘Boy’s Town/Larry King Paedophile Ring’ scandal. King threw sex parties for politicians, businessmen, policemen, and media men, where drugged children were provided for sadistic sexual proclivities. King would photograph or film these gross acts of indecency, presumably to accumulate blackmailing dossiers for the alphabet agencies. King was busted when a routine review of his business activities led to a legislative committee being set up to investigate him. Paperwork 1ft high was handed over containing evidence of a huge paedophile network that went straight to Washington. King was in Reagan’s inner circle. Some of these kids were taken on private tours of the White House before they were sodomised and tortured by the perpetrators. The members of the investigative committee were all threatened. The victims that came forward were also threatened and made into offenders by an aggressive press. A key witness was murdered, as was his son – a clear-cut warning to any other witnesses who were deemed dangerous to the establishment.



Please remember here, we are talking about a paedophile ring, and a ring continues on.

Why would any rational enquiring person presume the same whitewash would not happen in Britain? We have already witnessed the farce of one already dead perpetrator’s sister residing over the Saville ‘inquiry’. Theresa May, British Secretary of State, possible next PM and best mate Harriet Harman both worked for the NCCL, another ‘civil liberties organisation’ in the 1970s. An organisation that published, at The Criminal Law Revision Committee “Childhood sexual experiences willingly engaged in with an adult, result in no identifiable damage. The real need is for a change in the attitude which assume all cases of paedophilia result in lasting damage.” Unbelievable. Alternative news website Exparo have a witness alleging the British Paedophile ring has been active in Buckingham Palace. What, where Jimmy Saville used to hang out? Esteemed friend of Israel Jimmy Saville, who was the only person to receive an honorary Knights of Malta membership, along with Prince Charles and Prince Phillip. Saville also spent Christmas holidays with “the Jew’s favourite PM Margaret Thatcher” who took “spiritual guidance” from Rabbi Immanuel Jakobovits, littering the British government with the tribe that only have Zionist interests.

So why all the bloodshed, child sexual abuse and torture?

In order to crucially understand this Pandora’s Box one has to understand the nature of Evil. All authority is devised by evil men and women who seek to disguise humanity’s self worth. They use obfuscation to control us – meaning they confuse in a very simple way one thing with another. Their bloodlines allow them ancient knowledge of dark occultism that is kept hidden from the masses and passed down generationally. If I mention here that all USA Presidents bar 2 are maternally related by blood, as far back as William of Orange, you will comprehend the importance of bloodlines to those in power, and those who control the people in positions of power. Harriet Harman is related to Neville Chamberlain, is the niece of Lord & Lady Longford (dead paedophile), and she is David Cameron’s (Friend of Israel/direct descendant of Moses) cousin. Another cousin of David Cameron is Boris Johnson who just led the Brexit campaign. See this link to understand what Brexit sadly really means to Britain:

It was ‘dark occultists’ that invented all religions as a way to confuse and control the rest of us. These people were a cult known as the Zadikkims who acquired vast wealth, occult knowledge and power. They conjured up for non-Jews patriarchal off-planet thought police Gods who were all seeing and all knowing, to follow or be damned. Read ‘Not In His Image’ by John Lamb Lash to understand the origins of evil.

The Judeo-Christian religions all incorporate rituals that imitate Blood Rites, eating from the body of Christ, the drinking of his blood and the repetition of mantras (or the incantation of spells). When the Roman Empire was falling, the propagating of Christianity was a political move on their part to retain control. All of the Pagan Mystery schools of the Mediterranean basin and the European continent were systematically destroyed and murdered, along with any person that practiced nature connection. The Teletastai of the Mystery Schools foresaw the dangers of patriarchal indoctrination/Salvationism. That genocide, which took place over 4 centuries, is conveniently omitted from our history books. Their sacred sites of worship, the earth’s energy points, were hijacked and built upon by the deluge of Christendom. Pagans understood all about living symbiotically with the planet and knew about the Earth’s magnetic grid and telluric energies, hence Christianity building their places of worship upon those sacred Pagan sites. Indigenous Pagan peoples of the other continents were torn apart and destroyed over the following centuries to come.

Then, because humanity’s traditional enemy is infected with a sick indoctrination of human superiority, they conjured up Christian religious rites, meaning each time a Christian performs mass they are actually simulating human sacrifice. The Bible is actually a Jewish book of magic incantations, down to the numbers and verses. As with so many Jewish machinations, the subliminal is used to make the necessary subconscious connection to establish an energy link. Altars recognising Christ are in fact hideous imitations of Jewish Ritualised Murder.

Christians gather each weekend (in order for the non Jews to be ‘weakened’), and participants perform a mock human blood rite. The incantations are repeated, which allows their consciousness to be siphoned off and redirected through the earth’s grid at the original Pagan sites, transporting all of it to the murderous paedophile epicentre, the Vatican City. All important buildings of the regime sit on top of major intersecting energy points along ley lines throughout the whole planet. London controls the finance, DC controls the Military, and the Vatican controls religion. Israel will control the world if they get their way.

The real hidden mass is taking place in a sub-sub basement in major churches or cathedrals, in fitting with occultist law ‘as above so below’. An actual sacrifice of a Gentile is held in a mock crucifixion, the blood is then consumed in ritual cups in order to keep their illusion of power over the ‘non human’ humans. The bell that calls people to worship at weekends is in truth the sound of ‘our masters calling’, for the religious fools. By worshiping Jesus Christ in a church, they are focusing their mental intentions and prayers directly at an altar (the above ground symbol for ritual), where conscious energy is harvested and sent magnetically through the Ionospheric grid of the Earth or the psychic consciousness grid. Thus keeping the Jewish Zohar Cabal powering up the illusionary fear program they attempt to entrap us in.

The FBI officially declared that Satanism, aka Blood Libel, and ritual abuse does not exist in the USA. The same FBI that whitewashed the Boy’s Town/King Paedophile Ring.

Crypto Jews/Marranos/ Bolsheviks as they are called, pretend they are not Jews but in fact they are. The Bush family, the Obamas and the Clintons are Crypto Jews/Marxists, also known as fundamentalist Christian Zionists. On December 6th, 1995, Hillary ‘Dirty Dyke’ Clinton was joined by 3 Rabbis for the ‘Kosherization’ of the White House kitchen. Anyone who is a ‘Friend of Israel’ is likely to be a Crypto Jew or even worse a Shabbos Goy, either for money, power or both. Evidently men and women who are placed in key positions of power are either required to participate in, or at least be intimately exposed to child sex, which, as I have cited, the Talmud encourages.

War is also human ritual sacrifice. War only profits the elite Jews and ammunition companies who send soldiers off to war (covered in occult symbols on their uniforms), financing both sides to ensure as much bloodshed as possible whilst gaining a stronghold in each land by building military bases there. Soldiers are not employed to bring peace they are employed to protect corporate and political investments.

James E Bulger stated “Jews practice the blood drinking rite because they are a parasitic people who must partake of the blood of a gentile host if they are to continue to survive”. At Purim festivals Jewish Leaders entice or kidnap a non-Jewish child, preferably male age 6-8 years old, tie his naked body to a table and pierce him with ritual knives repeating patterns in the Cabbalistic Tree of Life, draining the child’s blood until he dies. They then raise their blood filled cups to their lips, calling down curses to all non-Jews, celebrating their symbolic victory over them whilst the child lies dying; they drink the Gentile blood warm. It is customary for a Rabbi to invoke the presence of their false god Satan as he drinks. Only by performing this rite, so the Jews believe, can they continue to prosper among their non-Jewish host.

Although most everyday Jews will probably be ignorant of the Talmud, they may not even be aware of the blood rite and its alleged importance to the Jewish cult because only the most important leaders and the wealthiest members are allowed to participate. The victims cannot be buried according to Jewish law, as the burying of beasts is forbidden. Therefore, in many instances of a body being discovered the Jews start chucking their vast wealth at non-Jews, bribing officials, witnesses, and police officers usually resulting in a non-Jew being framed as a sex murderer. Bribery and intimidation of public officials and press is always the 1st step of the campaign because every Jew knows it is their 1st duty to conceal sanctioned blood crimes against Gentiles. So maybe they are all aware of the blood rites, and even if they are not, I’m with Napoleon who rightly said “All Jews are guilty of skullduggery until proven innocent.”

They certainly have many damage limitation nets in place. ‘Sayanim’ is an agreement between the world’s Jewry where all over the world, safe houses, money, car hire fleets, doctors, surgeons etc will protect and assist any Jew, no questions asked.

Dr Vladimir Ivanovich Dal wrote:

It is not doubtful that from time to time, the corpses of babies, who were reported missing, were eventually discovered in such distorted conditions and with such signs of external violence that they attested to excruciatingly painful deaths. Also, these incidents of nature exclusively occurred only in places where the Jews live… What reason can we invent for the villainous torture of a baby, if it is not done for religious mutilation?

The weak, unsatisfactory searching of investigators, the different tricks of Jews and their impudent & stubborn denial, not infrequently bribery, the confidence that the majority of educated people in that any accusation is merely the infamous slander, and, finally, the humanity of our criminal laws… all these things saved the Jewish culprits nearly every time from deserved execution. And they… by using their machinations, by giving false oath (not a crime against Gentiles), assurances of innocence, and by using false propaganda that suggest such accusations were merely the result of accomplished injustice with slander built on them…almost always were well prepared for such accusations.”

The German Jew scholar Dr Eric Bischoff found the explicit authorisation of the practice of Jewish Ritualistic Murder in the Thikunne Zohar, Edition Berdiwetsch, 88b, which is a book of Cabalistic Rite:

Furthermore, there is a commandment pertaining to the killing of strangers who are like beasts. This killing has to be done in the (Jewish) lawful method. Those who do not ascribe themselves to the Jewish religious law must be offered up as sacrifices to the High God.”

Other writers include the great linguist and philanthropist Sir Richard Burton who prior to being involved in ‘The Damacsus Affair’ in 1840, where 14 Jews were found guilty of murdering a Priest and his assistant at Passover, wrote that he envied the Jews and their brotherhood and wished that he were one. Dr Arnold S. Leese (imprisoned for his ‘anti-Semitism’), Dr Philip Devier, Thomas Burbage, Dr Harrell Rhone, Dr Helmut Schramm, Dr Edward Fields, GG Zamyslovsky…

Talmud Bammidber Raba c.21 & Jakult 772:

Every Jew who spills the blood of the Godless (non-Jews) is doing the same as a sacrifice to God”.

Are you still hearing those accusations of anti-Semitism? I am not aware of a term to describe their racial hatred of us non-Jews. Anti-humanity or Anti-Jewmanity?!? Maybe the non-Jews are Trumanity, which is why they want us all dead or enslaved. Another Talmud teaching admonishes Jews having Goyim slaves, which explains Israel’s complete disregard of, and failing to take measures for, the human rights of Gentile women who are enforced sex slaves there, and trafficked around the planet. In fact, the slavery of Africans was perpetuated by Jews. Yet the white race has always been blamed for that atrocity. The number of humans genocided by Jews far outweigh the genocide of Jews. Dr Tony Martin reveals the truth about Jews and the African slave industry – no white guilt needed, not a drop.

But what now? What can we, the oppressed peoples of the Cabalistic Jews that have subverted every nation, revolution and religion since 4000bce, do now?

To start with I propose that we, the victims of Jewish blood prejudice, do exactly what they did to the Germans in 1933 when the world’s Jews declared financial war on Germany. As all they seem to care about is money and blood, let us impose the same sanctions on them and Israel. The only true democracy we have (thanks Jews) is how we spend our shekels, so buy no goods made or sold by Israel. Refuse to deal with any shopkeeper, supplier or merchant that buys, sells or distributes Israeli goods. We shall undermine their regime and bring them to their knees by boycotting one of their gods – dirty money.

It is glaringly obvious, we cannot be passive and wait for the perpetrators of non-Jewish humanity to grow a conscience when even their own culture recognises they are insane.

The Jewish Encyclopaedia Vol VI (1904) p556,603-04:

Idiocy and imbecility are found comparatively more often amongst Jews than non-Jews…Among the Jews the proportion of insane has been observed to be very large.. Jews are more liable to acute psychoses of early age than non-Jews.”

Hitler was right to contain them. The only reason there is a Europe left to try and save is because of his and his countrymen’s bravery.

We are the narrative species of the planet, so sharing this intelligence with people you love will slowly arm our species with knowledge of who their true and traditional enemy is. Cultural Marxism purposefully keeps everyone fighting the wrong enemy.

As someone so eloquently said “They are so few we could drown them in our piss”. Now that is a pleasing thought to conjure up. But are they so few as they claim? I don’t think so, when Jews look like Boris Johnson, Scarlett Johansson and Gwyneth Paltrow; their inter-racial breeding covers the parasitical infection of the Jews only too well. Appropriate here to mention the stealing of German baby boys produced from the mass-sanctioned rape of German women at the end of WWII, taken back to Israel for an interbreeding program –  an attempt to strengthen their short-eye-sighted, weak, disabled, cowardly race.

It is significant that ever since the times of Babylon, a period of 4000 years this Jewish Ritualistic Murders accusation has been levelled at the Jews wherever they have resided. The Jews respond with “Ve is beink poisecute!” But it is the Gentiles that are persecuted. The Jews maintain that from China to Europe, Cossacks, Turks, Argentines, the Crusaders, Renaissance Italian Popes, Arabs, Doctors, Historians are all in one long, continuous plot against ‘God’s chosen’, to periodically murder Gentiles during Jewish festivals, drain them of blood and then plant their bodies on or near Jewish premises. That is one hell of a conspiracy when the only conspiracy is the Judaic one against you. As self-hating Jew Gilad Atzmon says, there is no Jewish conspiracy, they are blatant and open about their self-deification and their domination over the Goyim. They just don’t tell you in the Jewish controlled media.

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  1. […]     “Not only is there a photo of poor little Andre Yuschinsky’s dead body, the frustrated prosecuting lawyer [who himself was later murdered] wrote a book about the case. There were 3 child witnesses to the abduction, all 3 were poisoned before the trial only 1 survived but was too sick to testify. The police not only planted evidence but also destroyed evidence; never the less the crime was proven to have taken place in the secret synagogue in the accused man’s factory. 13 puncture marks are visible on Andre’s face; there were another 45 on his body. Jews the world over sought to conceal this ritualistic murder of a child, the equivalent of £115,000,000 was spent on the defence. This case it seems, everybody was bribed, poisoned, sacked, shot and murdered, yet the accused man was found not guilty, but died as a ‘Jewish National Hero’ in the USA in 1934.”    Source: […]

  2. […] “Not only is there a photo of poor little Andre Yuschinsky’s dead body, the frustrated prosecuting lawyer [who himself was later murdered] wrote a book about the case. There were 3 child witnesses to the abduction, all 3 were poisoned before the trial only 1 survived but was too sick to testify. The police not only planted evidence but also destroyed evidence; never the less the crime was proven to have taken place in the secret synagogue in the accused man’s factory. 13 puncture marks are visible on Andre’s face; there were another 45 on his body. Jews the world over sought to conceal this ritualistic murder of a child, the equivalent of £115,000,000 was spent on the defence. This case it seems, everybody was bribed, poisoned, sacked, shot and murdered, yet the accused man was found not guilty, but died as a ‘Jewish National Hero’ in the USA in 1934.”Source: […]

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