Brazilian President Lula compares Israel’s Holocaust in Occupied Palestine to the Questionable German Holocaust of Jews But No Mention of 66 Million Humans Holocausted By Jews in USSR

Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva has compared Israel’s Holocaust of Semitic Indigenous Palestinians in illegally criminally militarily occupied Palestine to Nazi Germany’s alleged Holocaust of Jews in the 1940s.

First, I don’t like Hitler or National Socialism.

Hitler like the closet homosexual Marxist Rabidly Racist against African Americans yankee puritan Lincoln was a proponent of control freak communism and killing states rights to build a Federal type dictatorship.

Socialism, National Socialism, Marxism or communism as it is called nowadays, Zionism are all the same no individual God Given Rights control freak dictatorships packaged slightly differently.


Every time someone wants to talk about some bunch of evil ass holes slaughtering humans, they start caterwauling about Germany and Hitler.
There is no “evidence” which will stand close scrutiny of 6 million Jews killed in Germany.

Wonder why when folks want to compare a current evil mass murder of humanity such as the Jews are doing in Occupied Palestine right now, they do not mention the Jews massive 66 plus Holocaust of humanity the Jews did using the USSR as a means to make war against humanity to force control freak dictatorships on them?

Red Russian Khazarian Jew Stalin got up every morning, made a list of people too have murdered, and they were murdered that day.

So I am just wondering why a million or less Jews being offed in Germany is more evil and keeps getting brought up as an example of the ultimate evil when the Jews in the USSR slaughtered at LEAST 66 million humans in the most evil and brutal ways they could think of so as to instill terrorism in the masses?

Just asking?

The Ole Dog!


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