BREAKING: Bernie Sanders Just Got DEVASTATING News… This Is It


It looks like Democratic Socialist Bernie Sanders is in hot water. He’s feeling the Bern, so to speak.

Sanders (and Hillary Clinton for that matter) just doesn’t play by the rules. In this case, the Bern has been violating Federal finance campaign laws.

Thousands of contributions to Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders’ campaign in January violated federal campaign finance laws, election regulators said on Thursday, according to  at the Washington Free Beacon.

The Federal Election Commission sent a letter to the Democratic presidential candidate’s campaign committee on Thursday with a 90-page spreadsheet listing 3,457 “excessive, prohibited, and impermissible contributions.”

The campaign’s January financial disclosure filing listed contributions from foreign nationals and unregistered political committees, the FEC said. Other contributions came from donors who exceeded the $2,700 per-election limit.

“Although the Commission may take further legal action concerning the acceptance of [excessive or prohibited] contributions, your prompt action to refund the prohibited amount will be taken into consideration,” the FEC told the campaign.

Sanders’ campaign has relied on small-dollar individual contributions to a far greater extent than any other presidential campaign, including the Super PAC- and dark money-fueled efforts of Democratic rival Hillary Clinton.

Some of the campaign’s legal problems stem from enthusiasm for Sanders’ candidacy from foreign nationals, many of whom have publicly revealed donations to the campaign in violation of U.S. election laws.

“I am German, live in Germany and just donated to Bernie Sanders’ campaign on simply using my credit card—Is this illegal in any way?” asked a user on the website Quora.

Wow. Bernie’s taking money from people IN OTHER COUNTRIES!

My colleague  at Young Cons sums it up perfectly:

There are nutcase socialists from other countries who want to spread their nasty liberty killing infection to the USA like some disgusting STD.

I think this speaks volumes about Bernie supporters and is a solid indication of why we need to elect a true conservative as the GOP nominee to stop both him and Hillary from taking the White House.

Imagine the insane corruption that would roll out of that administration? It’s the stuff nightmares are made of.

Amen brother.

When Trump gets elected he will grab the bull by the horns and take care of business unlike anything we have ever seen. And I for one can’t wait!!!

God Bless.


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