Daily Horoscope: March 19, 2023

Mercury enters Aries at 12:24 AM, which can find us feeling especially quick and witty! Communication is especially straightforward; decisions may be made swiftly. The moon in Aquarius connects with Mars in Gemini at 6:33 AM, inspiring confidence and fortitude: We can take on whatever comes our way!

We’re feeling softer, more sensitive and romantic, as the moon enters Pisces at 11:12 AM. The moon meets Saturn in Pisces at 1:28 PM, encouraging us to set firm boundaries. The moon mingles with Venus in Taurus at 4:54 PM, inspiring a flirtatious atmosphere.


All times ET.

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Aries glyph

Aries: March 20, 2023 – April 20, 2023

Mercury enters your zodiac sign today, Aries, which can find you saying something that’s been on your mind for the last few weeks. You might finally find the words that had been eluding you, and you can feel especially sharp and talkative. The moon enters Pisces, encouraging you to connect with your intuition; perhaps meditate or journal!

Taurus glyphs

Taurus: April 20, 2023 – May 21, 2023

You may be connecting with your intuition in some significant and special way over the coming weeks as Mercury enters Aries. Your social life gets busier as the moon enters Pisces!

Gemini glyph

Gemini: May 21, 2023 – June 21, 2023

Your ruling planet Mercury enters fire sign Aries, inspiring a busy atmosphere in your social life: This could be an excellent time to make new friends and explore new hobbies. The moon enters Pisces, which can also bring your focus to your career.

Cancer glyph

Cancer: June 21, 2023 – July 22, 2023

Communication about your career kicks up as Mercury enters Aries. You could have exciting news to share about an achievement! The moon enters Pisces, bringing new opportunities your way and finding you making travel plans.

Leo glyph


Leo: July 22, 2023 – August 23, 2023

Mercury enters fellow fire sign Aries, which may bring you news from abroad, new opportunities, and the chance to travel. You could be publishing ideas or getting ahead on schoolwork. The moon enters Pisces, too, which can find you getting your bills organized.

Virgo glyph

Virgo: August 23, 2023 – September 23, 2023

Your ruling planet Mercury enters Aries, which can find you having important discussions about money, especially if you’re teaming up with someone. Topics like debt, taxes, or other financial matters may be on your mind. The moon enters Pisces, lighting up the relationship sector of your chart and encouraging connection.

Libra glyph

Libra: September 23, 2023 – October 23, 2023

Mercury enters your opposite sign Aries, activating the relationship sector of your chart! This bodes well for meeting new people and connecting with established partners. You can learn a lot about their point of view over the coming weeks. The moon enters Pisces, inspiring creativity and productivity.

Scorpio glyph

Scorpio: October 23, 2023 – November 22, 2023

Mercury enters Aries, activating the sector of your chart that rules your daily routines and rituals, making it a great time to redo your schedule, reorganize your workspace, or kick an old habit. The moon enters Pisces, too, inspiring romance and creativity!

Sagittarius glyph

Sagittarius: November 22, 2023 – December 21, 2023

Mercury enters fellow fire sign Aries, inspiring a fun, flirtatious atmosphere! Exciting invitations may come your way. Communication about a creative project increases. The moon enters Pisces, encouraging you to get cozy at home. You could feel especially nostalgic at this time.

Capricorn glyph


Capricorn: December 21, 2023 – January 20, 2024

Mercury enters Aries, kicking up conversations about your home, family, and personal life. Communication continues to be a theme as the moon enters Pisces; an influx of news and information may come your way.

Aquarius glyphs

Aquarius: January 20, 2023 – February 18, 2023

Mercury enters Aries, which can mark the start of an especially busy time in your communications! Big news may arrive. Your focus turns to finances as the moon enters Pisces.

Pisces glyph

Pisces:  February 18, 2023 – March 20, 2023

Discussions about money, security, comfort, and your belongings may take place as Mercury enters Aries. You could be reworking your budget or find yourself taking part in negotiations. The moon enters your sign, Pisces, encouraging you to focus on self care: Connect with the earth, spend time with loved ones, and eat a comforting meal!


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