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A small North Carolina rescue group is being sued by the very people who allegedly hurt Firu.

Firu, an American Bulldog mix, was dragged behind a pick up truck in 2010. Following what became a highly publicized case, Firu underwent 11 surgeries and also tested positive for heartworm. Donations from noted celebrities Ellen DeGeneres and Portia DeRossi helped to underwrite Firu’s medical bills and care.

Barks and Wiggles is a small boxer rescue group run by Samantha Hodge in Conover, North Carolina. Samantha nurtured Firu through his recovery which prompted a miracle. Her family grew so close to Firu, they have adopted him.

Since his horrible past, Firu has become a beloved member of Samantha’s family. He will never again have to worry about being harmed by human hands.

The two men accused of dragging Firu have now filed a slander and libel lawsuit against Samantha as well as the DA’s office, the police department and the animal hospital who treated Firu’s graphic injuries.

Not since MacDonald’s hot coffee litigation has a legal proceeding reeked so frivolous. With almost multiple animal abuse cases being reported daily throughout the nation, the mere idea of  a person accused of such an egregious act filing such a claim is preposterous and a huge waste of time and money. Imagine how many animals’ lives could be saved with the funds which will be flushed away in these court proceedings?

Just as he is settling into his new life and his new family gets back to the hard work of saving lives, they must hire legal representation.

Firu’s Friends is a Facebook Page dedicated to Firu and his story. His adopters are asking followers to support the page and help with legal defense fund for the family who saved Firu.

Keep up with Firu’s progress by following the Facebook pages:

When will the time come to put an end once and for all to the legal loopholes which permit animal cruelty to continue in this country?

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Men Charged in Dragging of Firu – Court Dates and Pictures


Agustin Morend Martinez
Offense Code 6210
Status 14-360A
Arraigned Offenses for Case Number 2010246065CR
Charlotte, NC
Mecklenburg County
COURT DATE: 12/07/2010
Session – AM
Court Room : 4330Arrest Record Link :
Josa Guebara , Cerda
Charged with Offense 6210
Status 14-360A
Arraigned Offenses for Case Number 2010246066CR
Charlotte, NC
Mecklenburg County
COURT DATE: 12/07/2010
Session – AM
Court Room : 4330Arrest Record Link : 
Court hearing still pending..

Thank god for the witness that called the police when she saw it happen.

It’s a wonder why these dickheads didn’t file a law suit against the witness that called the police… or have they?

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66 Responses to “Firu the Dog tied to back of car and dragged”

  1. Lara says:

    who did this? when? where? how old is this photo?

    • Anna says:

      It happened a little over a year ago (Sept 2010), but the case is still ongoing.

      • South Africa says:

        I have just received a message on my BB to change my profile picture to that horrific picture to increase awareness of animal cruelty. Came across this site while trying to find out more details. Why is this case still pending? What can we do to help? Where are these monetize now?
        It’s a pity they so far away… Know many people who would love to get their hands on them!

  2. Teresa says:


  3. FAKE NEWS for the Zionist agenda Chris Roubis says:

    I’ve been crying too.

  4. Jamie says:

    If i got my hands on these two individuals, I would tie them to the back of a car by there balls, and speed off at 80 miles per hour. This is awful, they deserve at least 7 years for this!

    • Nick - Sociopath says:

      Jamie that makes you worse then these two men. First off you want to perform a malicious at on these men. No only that but the way you want to perform it is degrading and more excessive then what actually happened. These two men were drunk and forgot about the firu. I’m sure that his old owner loved him very much and through his drunk stupor he forgot about him. I’m not trying to defend these guys but I am trying to show you how the act you wish to perform is significantly worse then the act that they did.

      • Moe says:

        Seriously – sociopath, are you!! An eye for an eye! A picture is worth a thousand words! And by the look of those guys, i’m pretty sure they aren’t law abiding citizens. They shouldn’t have been “drunk” in the first place nor the dogs tied to the car. not to mentiont that if they were drunk, why were they driving! Another illegal act! I think those two spending their lives in prison would be doing society a huge favor you AHOLE!

      • Justice says:

        That is exactly why people do horrible acts like this! People like you making excuses for them! Really….how can you forget about your beloved pet?!? They are sick and need to pay for it! They need to be locked up. Animal abusers have been linked to many other horrific crimes.

      • Tommy says:

        No, because they did it for fun. Kill them with the the most severe torture!

      • Melody says:

        R u crazy! What they did is an outrage and they deserve to be abused also. I am so tired of these child molesters and animal abusers given so much respect.

    • gabriel says:

      They should serve for 20 years, and i would tie them to a pickup truck and go 100…

  5. David says:


    • Nick - animal hater says:

      Kill the men because they hurt the animal? Okay okay okay, lets think logically. Even if you consider Firu’s life was equal to that of a humans then you should consider this. Firu didn’t die and the men didn’t do it maliciously. If you are going to value life then value it.

      • Lauren says:

        You stated that “the men didn’t do it maliciously”? Um, what is your definition of “maliciously”, exactly.

        I’ll give you the Webster’s Dictionary def. of maliciously: having or showing a desire to cause harm to someone : given to, marked by, or arising from malice.

        The Webster’s Dictionary def. of malice:
        1: desire to cause pain, injury, or distress to another
        2: intent to commit an unlawful act or cause harm without legal justification or excuse

        I’m 100% positive that these two a**holes desired to cause pain, injury, and distress to their dog by tying the dog to the back of the truck with a rope and dragging the dog on the ground as they drove off at a speed faster than what the dog could have walked or run. Exactly what else could they have intended?

  6. Tony says:


  7. Katie says:

    I really think that we need to tie those nasty fucking ugly beaners to a car or truck, drag them and all that shit that they did to that poor dog. I’ll kill them if I ever see them >_<

    • Laurie says:

      When this ever does happen, I just want to know where and when so I can tell the driver to go faster. Line the street with salt..

  8. FAKE NEWS for the Zionist agenda Chris Roubis says:

    @ Nick – your post only shows that you are not an animal lover, why come in here and troll.

    Secondly, who ties a dog to the rear bumper bar of a car????

    there are many many places to tie your dog other than the rear of your bumper bar..

    Nick I hope you never ever become a court judge.

    Nick I would also like to get drunk and do the same to you, I wonder how would you feel then.

    • Melody says:

      It is off the hook that you would defend people like this. Im not a Real big animal lover, how ever I am a human being with feelings and that’s all it really takes to know how wrong these guys are. However, doesn’t surprise me the punishments are not severe enough, so it continues to happen it makes me sick. I have a real problem with people who abuse children and animals, you cowards. Your day will come and so will your day come for defending these idiots. Get a grip.

  9. Sara says:

    If you tied those men to the back of the car it would be the same punishment that happen to poor Firu. Quiet frankly I don’t give a damn what happens to those bastards as long and their put away and die. and don’t go makin excuses that he was drunk , he would of done that anyway. and it never said anything about the guys being drunk so they would of done it either way. no animal deserves that and stop making excuses for someone who did a crime , your just as bad as they are. and if those guys really loved Firu they wouldn’t of hurt him like they did even if they were drunk and like I said before it said nothing about them being drunk !

  10. FAKE NEWS for the Zionist agenda Chris Roubis says:

    Well said Sara

    There is always a handful of animal haters in these posts trying to persuade us that animals are not worth worrying about..

    Got news for you Nick, we are also animals.

    • broseriously - animal hater says:

      bro, this nick guy doesn’t seem at all to be an “animal hater”. just because his views aren’t as radical as yours doesn’t mean he doesn’t care. I swear people these days be crazy. Seriously, bro.

  11. beka says:

    Poor Firu and the family that now look after him….

    These people deserve to DIE…..even though Firu survived they should still DIE

  12. meaghan foster says:

    these men that did this sick crime will be going strait to hell for what theyve done!!! im an animal lover too and we are just as much animals as they are we have something in common with dogs we are mammals that love and care for our babies they shoulnt be allowed to keep their dog or any animals in the future they should be arrested on site for so much as looking at a dog or any animal for that matter

  13. Jordan Kirby says:

    Samantha, you’re a hero! (And everyone else that prayed and and helped this little guy get to where he is now). It makes me so angry and sad to see this, but I know that those men will pay for what they did in the end. So glad to see that Firu is doing better!

  14. danny says:

    the two men that Tied the dog to the back of a car and dragged it CAN GO TO HELL AND DIE IN HELL. IN A BAD WAY THE TWO MEN ARE Sick

  15. Alexandra, Liverpool, UK says:

    I just want to say a massive thank you to the lovely lady and her family who rescued this dog and now take care of it in their family. It’s reassuring to know that there are good people out there, unlike the sick b@stards who abused this poor dog. Anyone defending (or excusing) their behaviour needs to take a good look at themselves.. People who harm animals are mentally unstable and many go on to become serial killers. So before you defend the barbaric acts they commit think! I agree with the majority on here that they too should be given the death penalty; there is no rehabiltation for people like this. Also, sorry to sound so practical/economical but incarcerating them proves to be a significant drain on the economy due to how much it costs to keep someone in prison! These people bring nothing to society: remove them from it and rest assured our streets, people and amnimals will be a lot safer. God Bless you Firu x

  16. FAKE NEWS for the Zionist agenda Chris Roubis says:

    Well said Alexandra 🙂

  17. Smart - animal hater says:

    Hahahaha, these comments make me chuckle. You guys are f&*ked in the head, you know that? Crying, talking about dragging ‘beaners’ through salted streets by the ballsack until they die, saying these guys deserve the death penalty. How quickly you judge after reading a single article? Lets try to keep our heads on straight. Then you attack Nick who seems to be the only person with a bit of background information and a bit of common sense. It’s tragic, yes – but it’s nothing to even consider for a death penalty. Animal ‘lovers’ like you give proper organizations a bad name, and make all of them look like crazed fanatics who value a mouses life over that of a humans.

    • Moe says:

      Understand this, you don’t have to love or even like animals, but you do have to respect them. We are part of the food chain and if it came down to just you and a wild animal, well sociopath, guess who would be who’s meal! Dogs do not take care of themselves since humans made them domesticated and it’s up to the supposedly more intelligent and compassionate species to care of them. The type of person that can be cruel to an animal is not the type of human being that is contributing to society in a positive manner. Haven’t you heard of what children grow up to be that abuse animals at such a young age?? Speaking of value, do you value God at all…….Some people don’t abuse animals, but go to the opposite extreme and place animals above human life. This was not God’s intention either, but rather that He wanted to bless mankind with a wonderful world of creatures that we could enjoy and with that enjoyment, He also holds us responsible, as to how we treat and care for them. May we all take that responsibility seriously, as we shall be judged for the way we treat animals and all of God’s creation. “A righteous man cares for the needs of his animal, but the kindest acts of the wicked are cruel” (Proverbs 12:10).

  18. Patty says:

    You both look so beautiful… much love betwwen the two of you. Yes, you both touched my heart and I am so happy Firu found such a heart like yours Samantha. 🙂

  19. Joan says:

    I’ve been sick over this story all day. Thank you for the information. How can we help Miss Samantha, the dog’s savior?

  20. FAKE NEWS for the Zionist agenda Chris Roubis says:

    @ Smart & broseriously

    hiding behind aliases because you know you are wrong.

    Your posts only prove that you have no compassion for any other living being other than yourselves.

    Loving animals doesn’t make you a fanatic, this just proves that you are sociopaths and should taken out of society.

    A mouse is better than you, since you are the vermon.

  21. Raelee says:

    Seeing and reading this absolutely disgusts me. The comments some people are posting are infuriating. Have a heart, be considerate. How would they like to be tied to the bumper of a car and dragged? Oh wait! They wouldn’t. Animals have feelings too just like humans. In fact, animals have the ability to be more compassionate than humans, even when they’ve been so terribly wronged.

    These videos made me call my precious dog to me and hold him while tears rolled down my face. I just don’t understand senseless acts such as these. I never will.

    Samantha Hodge is a hero. If there were more people like her in the world, it would be a much better place for humans and animals a like. There is definitely a spot in heaven for her and all of those who helped Firu.

    And to those who caused this. Eventually, you will answer for your transgressions. I can assure you it will not be pleasant. Not only do you have to answer to the justice system but you have to answer to God. Answering to Him should make you terrified.

  22. Kerry says:

    Only heard about this at the weekend and was horrified. I started digging around and found out that this happened last year and that Firu is alive and well, and thankfully is now part of a happy and loving family. As to why these men did this, I wouldn’t like to speculate. There are a few people making the excuse for the two men that they were drunk and did not do this for ‘kicks’. To this I would like to ask 2 questions: if they were going out drinking why did they take the dog with them? And why did they take a car? They had no business driving if they were drunk, so that is no defence. For what it’s worth, they should be convicted of animal cruelty AND endangerment of human lives as well. The idea that they think they have been wronged somehow is sick, when you consider the horrific and unimaginably painful ordeal that poor Firu has endured at their hands. What is worse is that they, under the law, are allowed a voice to try to excuse what they have done and people are listening to them! This undermines the good work that Firu’s rescuers have done. What is the world coming to???

  23. Spectator - animal hater says:

    It is a very sad and touching story but some of you guys are just as bad as the men in question. it’s reasonable that the cruel act they committed incites strong emotion but here you got fellow posters calling them “beaners” saying they look like criminals, deserved to be dragged by a car. Giving reason to justify your racist, and quite frankly sick minds.

    Learning of the story made me angry, I wish I could personally hurt the scum who did it but there is a difference between that and calling people racist remarks, wishing death on them, and the sorts.

    Chris quite frankly you are a jack ass and can’t calm yourself to think with a clear head that can see another perspective. Not one poster has premised their comments with anything but compassion for the poor dog. But Instead you deem anyone who thinks justice is something other than calling people racist remarks and dragging more living beings by a car.

    To be put simply two wrongs don’t make a right.

  24. FAKE NEWS for the Zionist agenda Chris Roubis says:

    @ Spectator

    how about I tie you by your neck and drag you through the streets with my car .. lets see if you still have the same view..

    Your the same scum as other animal haters in this world that have more compassion for themselves than other living creatures.

  25. Spectator - animal hater says:

    why would you want to drag me through the streets by a car? are you sick? do you want to join the other sickos in their dragging of other living beings?

    I’m a scum and an animal hater even though I love animals and hate the people who did this to them. But I’m scum because I don’t want to continue in the sick twisted minds of yourself, those arrested for the crimes and others. Ok buddy.

    You are a fool. I love animals. I hate those that did it. I love all people and don’t think anyone should be hurt in such a manner, but that is the difference between me and you my friend.

    • kansasredhea says:


    • Tara says:

      I think people are mad that you are trying to defend these two. I am at a Law School school in the UK and an attorney will think of the most viable way of getting their clients off. Therefore, due to the case in question and the facts that were brought round, it may be right to say that this defence was merely a thought up defence so that it looked like a mistake. Intent would have given a greater sentence.

      I believe that this was a malicious attack on a dog from people that have no respect for other animals and they should burn in hell. God has no room for people who treat his creations with such cruelty.

  26. Zach says:

    these two men should have a rope tied to their balls, dragged on a gravel road, get pepper sprayed and then dragged so they cant do anything about it then take a cheese grater to their whole body then make cheese out of their ballllllsssss

  27. truthhurts - animal hater says:

    Chris have you listened to yourself? You talk about others being selfish but yet you want to hurt others because of different logic?? Sounds like hell will have a spot for you too…..

  28. FAKE NEWS for the Zionist agenda Chris Roubis says:

    @ thruthhurts

    It’s called love dumbass.. if someone hurts your child, wouldn’t you want to hurt them?

    Another one on my list that needs to be dragged across the streets behind a car just to understand what it’s like..

  29. FAKE NEWS for the Zionist agenda Chris Roubis says:

    @ Spectator

    Interesting how you called me sick, when I mentioned dragging you in my car..

    Shows what a cowardly scum you are that only worries about himself, and doesn’t care about any other living creature.

  30. Petlover says:

    I agree with several other posts… If I ever see either of these men… they might find a few pieces scattered of them all over the east coast… Some jackass that does this is a sick fuck that deserves to die. What’s next your kid?!?! Kill the fuckers!

  31. Shannon says:

    Ok let me get this straight.. two pshyco’s tie a dog to their car and start dragging him along the road and people are saying “Oh .. it’s not their fault they were drunk” Are you being serious?! IF they were drunk why were they driving in the first place? Next someone will say “Oh they didn’t mean it.. It was an accident.” Oh and that makes it ok does it.. The think that gets me is people are accused and punished for animal cruelty straight away that they may or may not of commited.. And then we end up with the idiots who did do it and the case is still going?! Thank god that Firu is better and he has have a very loving home where he will never get hurt again bless your heart firu <3

  32. Pagey says:

    Oh my God this is horrible … it made me go get my pet and cuddle with him for hours >< I can't believe this case is still pending and what the hell is wrong with those of you defending the guys who did it?! I'm sorry but if some drunk guy kills someone would you say "oh no but it's not his fault, he was drunk, I'm sure he loved him in the first place"?! Wow. Can't believe you value an animal life so little, they're just as important as ours fyi. I'm so happy Firu got better in the end and I really hope those two ******** rot in prison for the rest of their lives because of this.

  33. FAKE NEWS for the Zionist agenda Chris Roubis says:

    if they were drunk, they would of been arrested for drink driving..

  34. GW says:

    The charge should be FELONY cruelty! These two filthy scumbags don’t deserve to live.

  35. TM says:

    This story really touched my heart. It is absolutely disgusting that these two “men”, who put that dog through the worst type of hell, are being given the light of day to sue those people who are on the right side of the law. From the word go, their law suit should have been refused outright with no appeal. They broke the law, they caused harm to an innocent life, therefore they should lose the right to try to make themselves a quick buck out of this. To entertain their request is totally outragous Thank goodness for people like Samantha who should not be dragged into this let alone cost her anything. She saved this poor dog, she ought to be left alone now to live her life loving her dogs and doing what is right.
    Damn these two wicked men, they should be banned from keeping animals for life and locked away for a very long time.
    Im glad Firu is dong well, and yes I am proud to be an animal lover!

  36. king says:

    Fucking beaners need to be hung by their necks

  37. king says:

    I swear if I ever see these damn beaners im going to hang them upside down by their nut sacks… Then later i will tie them to my race car and drive around a race track going 180 mph

  38. Tara says:

    I am disgusted that some people are trying to prelude the idea that this was merely a mistake. For one, I do not believe it was. I believe that this was a defence that his attorney had made up in their defence. At the end of the day, who ties a fucking dog to their bumper and then go and get drunk. Some people honestly have no common sense. I am also inclined to say that I hate when people believe that an animals life is not the value of a humans? Why not? If any one of you have owned dogs then you will understand that a dog can feel scared, sad and most importantly pain and I would hate to think what that animal was thinking. It upsets me even thinking about it that it has reduced me to tears even writing about it. I would appreciate it if you would take your trolling somewhere else as you obviously do not have the compassionate nature of most people here.

  39. laura says:

    These two disgusting creatures. What gives them the rite to sue anyone. Would they liked to be dragged. What did that darling dog do.Nothing. It is unfortunate that there are sick individuals out there ful of hate like them. The saddest moment of all is poor firu would have been mentally,physically damaged. Then you have those who fight dogs for money .

  40. FAKE NEWS for the Zionist agenda Chris Roubis says:

    Here’s another incident with a dog dragged by car, but this little thing wasn’t so lucky

  41. Michał says:

    Fuck you. You are sick. Get your ass to the Poland. Death is your only way.

  42. shy says:

    wow ,..these people need to be in prison ..if not they need a GOOD thereapist.!! god bless that poor dog!

  43. Jacob says:

    I would like to tie those guys to a car and drag them until they look like the poor dog did. I am so happy someone is being charged for this, and am even more happy the dog is alright.

  44. Yarke says:

    These two better pray I never find out I have a fatal disease as they just got added to my bucket list.

  45. Geri says:

    Who ties a dog to the back of their car??? I have had many dogs, over many years and have NEVER done that!!!! Instead of being totally ashamed of their actions, these guys are claiming they are the injured parties!! The lawyer who took up their case should be disbarred.

  46. IGPAT says:

    Schould feel the same. :car: 😥

  47. ben conway says:

    you sick cunt when i find you im gunna tie to you a carp and drag you around mexican cunt i hope u go jail and fucking die there sick twat

  48. Jennifer says:

    Excuse me… but who the hell are these punks lawyers? We need to go after the slime ball willing to defend their actions.

  49. jfk says:

    Why waste time – just shoot the fuckers between their eyes !!

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