Doritos contain MSG and GMO corn

Doritos contain MSG and GMO corn

Doritos are, of course, a processed junk food made with mosodium glutamate — a taste-enhancing chemical that experts like Dr. Russell Blaylock link to obesity, food addictions, headaches and neurological damage. MSG is an excitotoxin that’s used along with huge amounts of processed salt to enhance the flavor of dead foods like Doritos.

Read more about the dangers of MSG here:

Being a fried snack food, Doritos also contain acrylamides — toxic substances formed when carbohydrates are cooked a high temperatures. Acrylamides are linked to cancer and other serious diseases. (

One study shows that eating acrylamides increases the risk of kidney cancer by 59 percent (…).

PepsiCo, the parent company that makes Doritos, claims that its product isn’t made with genetically modified corn, but tests conducted by GreenPeace proved that Doritos sold in India actually did contain GM corn varieties MON 863 and NK 603 (…).

So eating a bag of Doritos involves not only the ingestion of MSG and cancer-causing acrylamides; it may also expose you to genetically modified corn that has been scientifically linked to internal organ damage. (See books by Jeffrey Smith for loads of research on that…)

So now all the violence actually starts to make sense: People who eat Doritos might be brain damaged from the chemicals in the product. And because they’re brain damaged, they have lost the higher brain functions of critical thinking or expressing human compassion. They are operating from their lower “reptilian” brain stem functions which respond to two things: Sex and violence.

No wonder the Doritos ads are focused on sex and violence.

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