Edmonton Police are Above Traffic Laws, and Intimidate Motorists

Cole Kruper shared this post via CopBlock.org’s submit page. He originally published the post at NewsInGeneral.com.

EDMONTON, AB –The Police are supposed to make the places where they operate safer. They’re supposed to protect and serve. But, the problem is, in today’s world of out of control Police, they do just the opposite. There is no protecting and serving anymore. When they aren’t shooting people for no reason, or beating them up, they resort to other tactics. Intimidation is a huge problem, as is the manner in which they drive. They pull over the tax-payer’s for various different reasons, yet the way the Police drive probably puts the other drivers on the road in more danger than the person getting pulled over was.

Just yesterday, I witnessed a Police officer driving dangerously. The road pirate seemed to be interested in a car up the road, and it appeared that the cop was going to pull over that particular car. The police vehicle was in the far left lane of 137 Avenue near 156th Street, headed East. The cop then quickly accelerated, and proceeded to cut off traffic in an attempt to get into the far right lane. There was no indication that the cop was going to dart across the road – no sirens, no lights. Even after the cop got into the far right lane and was following the car he would later pull over, there were still no lights. At this point, it was becoming apparent that the cop was trying to intimidate the driver, making sure the driver did something wrong so the cop could pull the car over.

In this case, the cop definitely put the drivers on that particular road in danger, by failing to give anyone any notice. The cop also put drivers on the road in danger by intimidating another driver. That person may not have had their full attention on the road with a cop behind driving erratically, following close, in attempt to intimidate the driver.

This story goes a little further. If the cop had decided to pull the driver over, it very well could have been done right where it all started. They happened to pass right by a large parking lot, where the cop could have had the driver pull into, out of traffic and so on. Instead, the cop decided to follow the driver for several blocks before pulling the driver over. For what reason? To intimidate the driver most likely, and to ensure there were very few witnesses. The cop decided to pull the driver over on a quiet residential road. What’s the matter, officer? Don’t like witnesses?

In this particular incident, the cop involved put the drivers on the road in danger, along with any passengers in those vehicles. The cop also intimidated the driver. What the hell is wrong with Police these days? Instead of simply pulling over drivers, they have to pull risky moves on the road, endangering those driving along, and then they have to pull out intimidation tactics? How would you react if you saw a Police vehicle speeding towards you, cutting across three lanes of traffic? Would you be a little nervous? Probably. First off, the cop is a dangerous driver, so you should be concerned. Second of all, the cop is attempting to intimidate you. You know it’s only a matter of time before you get pulled over. The big question here is, why did the cop pick a quiet road to pull this driver over? Why did the cop wait numerous blocks to pull the driver over. My guess would be, whoever the cop was, he didn’t want any witnesses, and wanted to intimidate the driver.

This just shows how the Police think they are better than everyone else. If the average, everyday citizen drove like the cop in this case, or like many other cops, they’d probably get pulled over, fined, or put in a cage (jail.) But when a cop does it, no one does anything? It’s somehow acceptable to see cops driving in a manner that puts everyone on the road in danger? There are no fines, nothing. The cop is simply allowed to drive in a dangerous manner because they saw someone they wanted to terrorize? Police departments sound more and more like a gang everyday across North America.

How many times have the Police in this city intimidated drivers on the road? Who knows, but I doubt this is the first time.

Apparently I’m not the only one that isn’t happy with the Police driving dangerously. Just today, I read in the Edmonton Journal that a cop decided to drive on a red light in an extremely busy intersection, without any sirens or emergency lights on. Why? Most likely because it says Police on the side of the car the cop was driving. This incident occurred around 10 PM, which means it was dark at the time. At least in my incident, the cop pulled off his dangerous stunt in the afternoon when people had a chance to see him. At night, all drivers get to see is headlights.

The Police, whether it be here in Edmonton or elsewhere, are putting drivers in more danger than those the cops are busy pulling over. Pulling people over is one thing, but at least attempt to do it safely.

The sad part is, when Police bother to use their sirens and emergency lights, it seems all too often they throw them on just to get through an intersection, because they are better than us and don’t need to wait at a set of lights.

Maybe having a dash cam mounted in your own personal vehicle isn’t such a bad idea; it could bring some accountability to those cops out there that think they are above the rules of the road. Maybe the next time they pull someone over for not driving safely, they ought to write themselves a ticket as well.

Cole Kruper

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