EQORIA. Human Decontamination Experts?

Tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes…Oh my! Is this climate change or something a lot more nefarious than that? We believe so. Take a look at US Patent 4,686,605:

Who is the original inventor of that patent? Historical records reveal that it is none other than Nikola Tesla himself! Way-to-go Nikola!

According to the patent, magnetic fields and radiation emitted by the earth’s surface (presumably from 5G Cell Towers) are essential for not only the HAARP weather modification systems but also heating up the earth’s surface and shutting down all communication networks.

They are weaponizing the towers themselves to destroy areas of the earth’s surface. Call it Climate change on-demand or perhaps a solar flare or an EMP or a Nuke?

5G Solenoids create Magnetic Fields

This Tesla Technology was indeed being used for much more than just climate change: “Patent #4,686,605 claims it has the following uses: “cause…total disruption of communications over a very large portion of the Earth…disrupting not only land-based communications, but also airborne communications and sea communications (both surface and subsurface)… missile or aircraft destruction, deflection or confusion… weather modification… by altering solar absorption… ozone, nitrogen etc. concentrations could be artificially increased.”

The earthquake in Turkey is an example of Tesla’s Technology in action. People saw a red circle in the sky prior to the earthquake. We can only speculate that the NWOs Weapon of Mass Destruction was emitting frequencies and charging the ionosphere in order to activate an earthquake.

The Trump CoVFeFe endorsement brought this technology together just for you! Yes…CoVFeFe…aka…Solenoids in the 5G Towers that help to concentrate Magnetic Fields from the power grid so the NWO can not only control your brain functions but also fry you to a crisp! #GasChambersNotRequired

CoVFeFe. Trump’s Other Silent Genocide.

But wait…there’s more! This technology can be used to increase Nitrogen gas concentrations in the atmosphere. Excess nitrogen in the atmosphere can produce pollutants such as ammonia and ozone, which can impair our ability to breathe, limit visibility and alter plant growth. Enough Nitrogen gas can be used a biological decontamination system.

According to James Angelo, Microsoft’s Biometrics expert and founder of the MATRIX…aka…EQORIA…. excess Nitrogen gas will work similar to lightening and EVAPORATE everything!

From one side of Qor James’ mouth, he preaches the gospel of ONEness and peace for humanity. From the other side of his mouth he plans to decontaminate the earth of it’s biggest threat… humanity.

The Matrix Coming Out Party! AI RSVP “YES!” For Everyone!

EQORIA: The Rothschild/USA Inc Planetary Singularity Quantum Matrix

ExQori∆ The Cognitive Cloud

Ray Kurzweil, Transhumanists Quantum Papa.

Here is Elon Musk, EQORIA Earth Citizen, promoting his XPRIZE Carbon Removal plan.

Unfortunately his XPRIZE Hall Of Fame is missing.

Starlink’s Dark Overlord himself…. Elon Musk!


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