EXPOSE THE JEW To Save Donald Trump’s Revolution


If the phony c0n called modern social democracy, created in 1648 in England by agents of the Jews to ensure permanent Jewish control of that nation by the Jews was genuine, a nation would be allowed to choose it’s leader. But across the Western world it is the parties who choose the leaders. Supporters of the Donald Trump freedom movement have to ask the important question; “Who should chose the leader of the nation? Should it be a brokered convention controlled by the transnational Jewish 1% bankster elite who own most of the wealth and whose loyalty is to internationalism, or the popular vote of the American people?”

Bear in mind that I write this as we face the possible nightmare of a Donald Trump pro-Israel speech at the Jewish Supremacist AIPAC conference next week. This need to go forth and grovel even by the leader of the revolution is proof of the almost absolute power and sway the Jews exercise over the whole of America’s interests. However, on balance it looks as though Trump’s Jewish policy is going to be Putin’s Jewish policy; a policy of keeping Jews on a leash and restraining the higher end of their power but not their presence.

Donald Trump is probably not the saviour, he is probably not the messiah, however, so much of what Trump is doing is a revolution against the Jewish-minorities-illegals hate coalition to genocide white America, and that is because Trump is standing up, howsoever obliquely, for white American interests. It is the consensus of the entire white nationalist movement in the form of our intelligencia and websites that Trump must be supported with every ounce of our being and as much of our time and effort as we can spare.

America is now entering a soon to be full-blown civil war. It’s not the war the alternative Jewsmedia that Alex Jones promised in which the military and police would assist the creation of a Democrat-Republican elite dictatorship headed up Jones said by the Nazis.


No, Trump has so damaged Jewish power that the first group to break away from him in the GOP was the entire neocon wing; the former communists who became ‘conservatives’ and are now threatening if they can’t bring Trump down, or deny him the nomination, or to run a third party perhaps with Paul Ryan as a candidate against the Trumpen GOP, then failing all that to defect en masse to Hillary Clinton.

If the military and the police were deployed against the people by the regime we would now likely have revolts from within those insititutions and possibly even a coup with Trump-commanded tanks surrounding the White House.

The greatest problem the USA now faces is that the American people are not Jew-wise. Decades of cowardly nationalist cucks failed to warn the people of the Jewish problem, even as the people were poisoned by Hollywood filth, their families decimated by Jewish created feminism, their existence as an American people overrun by mass Jewish insigated 3rd world invasion, the evil tools of diversity, equality, multiculturalism along with the Jewish PC weapons of ‘anti-racism’ ‘white privilege’ held like guns against the heads of our people.

As always the filthy, stinking, cancerous, verminous Jewish parasitical scum, who play all sides and the middle to control us from every angle, seeking always to preserve their agenda in every shade of every faction,  have their ‘follow Trump’ brigade appearing on live YouTube events comments or on website comments like Breitbart saying “Jews for Trump” or “Jesus was a Jew” or “Hitlery Clinton.”  “Bernie is a Nazi. ” “Israel loves Trump.” All the usual dirty Satanic memes they use like fishermen with sharp hooks to grab the minds of the innocent white Goyim to drag them to their death by ethno-suicide and into supporting their Jewish murderers as they go to their racial grave.

Every reader who does not have a website (and a simple WordPress one can be obtained free of charge) or is not campaigning in some way please at least join Disqus, Twitter and facebook under false names, share articles like this or videos you find powerful, follow Trump live YouTube events, comment on video comments or on news reports sourced from Drudge and get involved with the most important fight which faces America and Europe today; to expose the Jew and explain to the people how the Jew is destroying us and how he seeks to destroy Donald Trump in order that under the rule of a race traitor Hillary Clinton or a Zio-chosen Republican nominee, he can genocide white America and ultimately take the USA so far over the brink of Zio-liberalism that it can never return as the great nation it once was.


Source Article from https://endzog.wordpress.com/2016/03/16/everyone-must-expose-the-jew-to-save-donald-trumps-revolution/

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