Former Trump Administration Official William Wolfe Says Trump Is Cloaking A Radical Abortion Agenda

Last week, various Christian nationalists and abortion abolitionists gathered for a discussion on Twitter about how they should respond to former President Donald Trump’s recent statements about abortion, specifically his criticism that a recent court ruling in Arizona went too far and his claim that he would not sign a national abortion ban if he’s reelected to the White House.

Among the participants was former Trump administration official and radical Christian nationalist William Wolfe, who made a two-fold argument in defense of voting for Trump.

The first part of Wolfe’s argument was that the Biden administration is “possessed by legion of demons, Marxist and radicals” who hate Christians, the preborn, children and even “humanity itself.”

“What we’re up against is one of the most lawless, hostile, and aggressive anti-Christian regimes that we have ever seen in our country to this point,” Wolfe said. “The Biden administration is ruthless. They will utilize the crushing and deadly power of the federal government, the national security apparatus, and the deep state to destroy you and your family without remorse. If you’re an outspoken, conservative Christian in this country, and you’re not walking around looking over your shoulder wondering when the FBI might be coming to roll you up for your group chats or for your memes or for your advocacy for Christian values and causes in the country, you need to be.”

“I think [Biden] poses a civilizational threat to our country and the world,” Wolfe added. “He’s staffed his administration with trannies and deviants of every kind, each worse than the next, and so I think the greatest threat to our lives and our livelihood is the regime.”

Later in the discussion, Wolfe made the case Trump is just “cloaking” his radical intentions and will, if reelected, fill his administration with hardliners who will help him “govern in a more extreme position.”

“I actually think there’s wisdom in cloaking some of your power levels and maybe some of the things that you’re trying to do, and then once you secure power, and you have it, you govern in a more extreme position,” Wolfe said. “I think Trump is one of the first Republican candidates I’ve ever seen in my lifetime who has done that.”

“I am confident with the people that I see lining up to be with Trump in a second term that regardless of what the rhetoric looks like during this campaign season, that he would actually govern in a more conservative and more aggressive fashion in the White House,” he concluded. “That’s something that I think we need to be comfortable with and maybe we should use; maybe even some other conservative Republicans out there who want to run for office and gain power and use it to do radical scary conservative things should consider doing.”

Given that Wolfe is among those who are already openly plotting to infuse Christian nationalism into a second Trump administration, his contention that Trump will govern in a far “more aggressive fashion” if he’s returned to the White House than his current campaign rhetoric suggests ought to be taken seriously.

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