From Our Friends: January 31, 2014

Welcome to this week’s installment of From Our Friends, a weekly roundup where we highlight some of our favorite posts, published by our friends and partners around the web.

This week’s edition includes a sneak peek at how body shapers might look nice on the outside but cause trouble for your internal health, an inspirational video that encourages a better tomorrow, a look behind the label at another fruit juice scandal, an easy way to contribute to our planet with your online purchases, the best way to dress like a pop legend, why and how to detox your space, a pretty repurposed paper craft to dress up your Valentine’s Day treats, healthy school lunch suggestions to keep your home’s young minds strong and thriving, and a discussion about why it’s important to treat every day like New Year’s Eve and resolve to stay fit year round.

1. Another great reason to learn to be confident in your own skin. It turns out, it’s just not a good idea to subject your body to shapers like Spanx all the time. The Gloss Health gives the skinny on all of the side-effects of squashing your curves.

2.  Make wiser decisions, form lasting memories, and maybe even have a better tomorrow? HooplaHa shares how!

3.  Not so surprisingly, POM Wonderful claims that the labeling and promotion of Coca-Cola’s Minute Maid Pomegranate Blueberry Drink violates state and federal false advertising laws. WellandGoodNYC talks about why Coke’s potentially-pomegranate drinking is going to the Supreme Court.

4. Do something good for your body and the planet both, in one easy step. The Organic Whey wants to make a difference, and is proud to contribute 1% of its sales to 1% for the Planet. Look for their logo when you shop, and consider membership for your company too.  Shop with The Organic Whey (now available via and check off two of those New Year’s resolutions at once!

5. Rock on. Teaming up with 7 For All Mankind’s Michael Glasser, rock goddess and fashion icon Gwen Stefani is launching a new eco-friendly fashion collection under the name DWP, which stands for Design with Purpose, showcasing stylish and casual chic trousers. EcoSalon says all of her items are made out of tencel, a silky and naturally wrinkle-resistant material which can be coated, treated or dyed to give it a denim, leather or cotton look with less environmental impact than treating denim.

6.  Americans can have up to 104 toxic chemicals coursing through their bodies at any time. Consider how your home environment may be interfering with your health and wellness goals, with Experience Life‘s guide to detoxing your home. 

7.  Repurposing with heart! It wouldn’t be Valentine’s Day without a sweet treat, and you can make it even sweeter with a DIY dessert topper made from junk mail envelopes, with CraftingAGreenWorld‘s easy how-to. These are easy Valentine’s Day crafts that you can create while your dessert is baking or cooling, so you don’t even have to budget extra time to make them.

8.  A well-balanced diet ensures that children are getting adequate amounts of essential vitamins and minerals that help them retain information learned at school. MightyNest reminds us that healthy food builds strong bones, inquisitive, curious brains, and efficient, good-working bodies with five healthy lunch suggestions.

9.  Kick off those New Year’s Resolutions and look at every day as an opportunity to start fresh and stay consistent.  FitBottomedGirls‘ blogger Erin shared how much easier it is to keep in shape than constantly be revitalizing her health and wellness routine because of backsliding. How proud would you feel when the new year hits and being in shape is already just routine for you?

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