An Epstein home.

Jeffrey Epstein’s ‘pimp’ Ghislaine Maxwell may be in hiding


barry commented on JOHNNY GOSCH; GEORGE H W BUSH

This problem is not unique to America but I do have to agree the USA is pretty bad by any standard and the police in that country would seem to me to be either complicit or incompetent.Take your pick.

Following WW2 England became immersed in satanic child abuse and I myself was attacked at nine years old. 
I feel so much for any lonely child in that situation; but you mention the Christian church and I do have to say , is this institution any better than the establishment? Recent events would suggest not. 
Just look at the number of Catholic Priests and others who have been convicted in recent years. I really do not know what can be done to rectify the situation and I freely admit that at times I consider mankind a failed concept.

‘The ultimate goal of the Board of Deputies Of British Jews appears to be jailing anyone who criticizes Jews or the state of Israel — and they have taken another significant “step” in that direction when Home Secretary Priti Patel — while attending a Chanukah celebration — announced that those affiliated with “terror” group Hamas could now face lengthy jail times. (The Jewish Chronicle)

At Behest Of Powerful Jews U.K. Moves Closer To Jailing Anyone Who Shows Public Or Private Support Of Palestinian Cause

Aangirfan – Gab


More re Èric Zemmour, Jewish presidential candidate in France. 

Zemmour earlier claimed to be unaware of the Epstein affair which implicates Israel and Jews. 
Eric Zemmour criticises rival Mélenchon for his remarks “worthy of the conspiracy theorists who see Mossad behind 9/11”. 
Zemmour’s campaign is financed by ‘Rothschild bankers’ with Sephardic surnames, notably a certain “Julien Madar”, or Jonathan Nadler 
His lawyer, Oliver PARDO, is Jewish and  Pardo’s family originates from Salonika. 
Eric Zemmour is the star of a channel, CNEWS, chaired by : Serge NEDJAR, a French-Israeli Sephardic Jew. 
CNEWS belongs to the Canal+ group, whose president is: Maxime SAADA, Sephardic Jew Canal+ is owned by François Bolloré-Goldschmidt (Jewish on his mother’s side, the Goldschmidts are a family of German Jewish financiers, some of whom married into the Rothschild family) 
Eric Zemmour is a columnist in the Figaro, a newspaper owned by the Jewish Bloch-Dassaut. 
Eric Zemmour is supported by the Livre Noir channel which is developing an electoral campaign around him. 
Livre Noir is chaired by Garen Shnorhokian, a Sephardic Jew of Algerian origin.
Eric Zemmour launches his presidential campaign in Toulon. The meeting is organised by Jérôme Lévy who is in charge of introducing him to the fans 
On Cnews, practising Jew Zemmour puts pressure on Macron to vaccinate people. 
Anna Cabana, Sephardic journalist, on her friend Eric Zemmour – At home, he eats kosher. 
He doesn’t believe in God, but he still prays at the synagogue. And the religious holidays. And the boys’ bar mitzvahs. 
A yellow gold chain under his shirt, he is asked what hangs from it. He takes out a small Sefer Torah, the scrolls of the holy text. 
Anna Cabana, Le Point, 02.10.14 Eric Zemmour explains in his book Le Suicide Français, that the Frankish king Saint Louis (Louis IX) is a Jew, and was inspired by the Hebrew kingdom of Jerusalem to lay the foundations of France. 
Zemmour went to a Jewish community school, sends his children to Israel Zemmour, via Siaci Saint-Honoré of the Jew Pierre Donnersberg, which belongs to the Rothschilds; is financed by THE SAME PEOPLE WHO FINANCED MACRON. 
Full name – Éric Justin Léon Zemmour Zemmour: «My name is Eric, Justin, Léon. But, in the synagogue, my name is Moses.»


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