Graphene Oxide is in everything!

The debate on the internet is alive with the debate; “Is there Graphene Oxide in the mRNA vaccine?” Well, of course there is. The bigger question is; “What is Graphene Oxide not in?”.

While Graphene Oxide is not commonly listed as an ingredient, it’s carrier agent Polyethylene Glycol (PEG, PEGylated GO, PEG3350) is. Also known as polyethylene oxide (PEO) or polyoxyethylene (POE). Other names include Kollisolv, Carbowax, GoLYTELY, GlycoLax, Fortrans, TriLyte, Colyte, Halflytely, macrogol, MiraLAX, MoviPrep.

It is said Graphene Oxide is added to PEG to stabilize for storage.

PEG is in the vaccine.

This is the world’s largest PEG supplier called Borenpharm Co. located in… Wuhan, China. They make the lipid nanoparticles for the USA, Europe, India, … One of their main sponsors is Eli Lilly.

The question was put forward to the EU parliament in January 2022…. they explain GO is electrical in Giga Hz frequency and want confirmation if GO is in the vaccine… EVERYONE believed it was just the vaccine…however we know today that it is in everything!

CIN has also done the research and we too determined GO is electrically active in the 5G Giga Hz range!

Reduced Graphene Oxide: The Real Problem Behind 5G

Polyethylene Glycol IS PEGylated Graphene Oxide. Once you understand this, you will understand that Polyethylene Glycol is in everything.

Let’s also be clear, Graphene Oxide is poison.

Graphene Flagship is a lying poisoning monster

Now I am going to take the next 10 minutes and search for products containing Graphene Oxide.

Seems like Wikipedia has done much of the work for me.

Polyethylene Glycol also known as Macrogol.

PEGylated Drugs.

Of course, Graphene Oxide is not hidden in everything, there are many uses they do not hide GO‘s uses.

City water filtration. Yup, it’s in our water.

Airplane fuel. Yup, it’s in our air.

In pesticides. Yup, it’s in our food.

Graphene Oxide in Drugs.
page 2684-85 is the list

In our own article explaining the how 5G reduces Graphene Oxide in the body, we list numerous supplements and medicines containing Graphene Oxide. Not only that, supplements have a NEGATIVE IMPACT IN 5G ENVIRONMENT!

Negative Impact of Supplements in 5G Environment

Vitamin D formulated with Graphene Oxide to improve absorption.

Graphene Oxide in HEPA filters.

Interesting piece on involuntary consumption of GO.

Graphene Oxide in food packaging, helps with hygiene.

Graphene Oxide in cosmetics, hair and skin care.

And why not use Graphene Oxide applications yourself. Here it is in handy spray bottle form.

Oh look! Graphene Oxide on Etsy! I can add GO to all my home made crafts! Looks like customers love adding it to soap and shampoo. FFS.

Now that you understand Graphene Oxide is in everything, you might want to ask yourself; “why?”.

Graphene Quantum Dots are the Living Neural Interface “chip” for NWO AI


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