Headline-How The CIA [Rothschilds] Destabilizes The World

When one sees this kind of headline, or article if one bothers to waste their time reading such pap, one can be sure of one of three things.

The one who wrote it is genetically challenged mentally, stupid as hammered dog shit in other words.
Lives in self imposed ignorance.
Has taken the 30 shekels to help the Rothschilds make war on humanity.

It is the same when you see articles claiming Bill show me to the kiddy playground Gates

or Schwab.

Or any other Ratschild’s minion including any candidate allowed to participate in the three ring circus side show of elections for Rothschild’s minion to go to Sodom & Gomorrah on the Potomac are the cause of the evil.
They are only minions, symptoms of the disease and not the disease itself.

The disease has a name, Rothschild.

I might add it is my opinion there is a 4th choice in the matter, one which does not endear the writer to the Ole Dog!

It is possible some articles which “forget” to mention the Rothschilds as the head of the snake but take shots at Rothschild’s minions are just too damn scared to say the name in public in fear of getting suicided.

Back to the CIA.
The CIA is the WW2 Office of Strategic Services with a name change.

The Rothschilds have had the British Crown by the short hairs since the Battle of Waterloo.

They can not resist bragging every now and then and have said themselves they run the UK.

They also Bragg there would be no wars if they did not want war.

So think of all the hell, death, suffering, destruction, taking money from hard working people to spend mass murdering millions and millions of people for the political and financial benefit of the Rothschilds for a couple of minuets.

The Rothschilds Bragg they control the UK and they do.

FDR was a Ratschild bitch.
When he formed the OSS during WW2 he picked “Wild Bill” Donavan to get it going and run it.

After WW2 it became common knowledge Donavan was a British Double agent.
This means Britain controlled/controls the OSS/CIA AND!!!!!!!! Rothschilds control Britain.

CIA has always been controlled by the Rothschilds and has always been used to make war against America, and the world/humanity at large.

JFK realized all the above and swore to do several things.
Pull US troops out of Viet Nam quagmire the No Combat Coward Ike who was then president and had always been a Ratschild’s bitch had gotten US involved in.

Have the Treasury department print US greenbacks itself bypassing Rothschilds Usury interest on “borrowing” from the Not federal, No reserve(s) and Not a bank Scam run by the Rothschilds.

Stop Israel, Rothschild’s private fiefdom located in illegally, criminally, militarily occupied Palestine from getting illegal nukes, which they now have an estimated 200 to 300 which they threaten to blow up the whole world with if anyone tries to stop their world wide crime spree. (THE SAMSON OPTION).

Destroy the CIA.

So you see, an article caterwauling about how the CIA is destroying the world is written by someone too stupid to understand where all the roads of evil lead to, or too eaten up with self imposed ignorance to know where all the roads lead to, or a evil scum sucking ass hole who took the 30 shekels to protect the Rothschilds by directing the fault of the evil on Ratschild minions, or someone who wants to wake humanity up to the Ratschild’s evil war against humanity and God, but does not have a set of balls or a hair on their ass, so is afraid to say or write the name Rothschild in relation to the evil making war against humanity, Nature, the earth and God.

The Ole Dog!

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