Holy War Breaks Out Over The Future Of Speaker Mike Johnson

When Rep. Mike Johnson became Speaker of the House last year, Christian nationalists were “literally in tears” knowing that one of their own was in control of the House of Representatives. Now that some Republicans are seeking to remove Johnson from that position, it is causing a rift in the religious-right movement, which was perfectly exemplified by the conflicting messages sent by the likes of Charlie Kirk and pastor Jack Hibbs.

While Kirk and Hibbs have been close allies in the past, they differ significantly went it comes to Johnson.

For instance, Kirk used his show yesterday to provide a provide a platform to right-wing Bishop Aubrey Shines to attack Johnson as “a very cowardly man” and a “very immature Christian.”

“Speaker Johnson has been letting a lot of people down,” Kirk said. “He is a self described Christian. How should we think about this?”

“Anyone can call themselves anything,” Shines replied. “Perhaps he’s a Christian. He’s a very immature Christian, maybe even a carnal Christian. … He certainly does not replicate and really produce, in my mind, anything in the form of maturity. You and I both know this.”

“The Christianity that a mature believer lives out is something called not being a coward,” Shines continued. “I see Johnson as a very cowardly man. … I certainly, Charlie, would not want to go to war with this guy. I would not want to be in the trenches; he may sell me out in order to capitulate with our enemies. I’m not interested. I think we should get rid of him.”

By contrast, Hibbs, who was invited by Johnson to pray before Congress earlier this year, did an emergency broadcast yesterday urging Christians to pray for Johnson, whom he repeatedly said was under attack from demonic powers.

“Mike Johnson is under spiritual attack,” Hibbs said. “The demons that are surrounding Washington D.C. are [trying] to overthrow any decision that would lead to help coming to Israel. And Mike Johnson is going to cast away the greatest career position you could ever have as Speaker of the House. Mike Johnson doesn’t care. He’s following the Bible in the face of even Christians who are frankly ignorant, and they’re piling on with criticism, and grumbling and complaining,”

Hibbs warned that Johnson is being attacked by “principalities and power and dark, dark, invisible rulers in high places.”

“For the first time in who knows how long we have a born-again, Bible-loving, on-his-knees-praying Christian as Speaker of the House and the church—’the church’— is attacking him,” Hibbs continued. “Why? Because ‘the church’ follows more of the gospel of CNN than they do the gospel of God.”

Hibbs then prayed that God would “bind every satanic demonic power and stronghold, every twisted narrative, dialogue, lie, manipulative plot and plan, the literal wiles of the devil” in protecting Johnson speakership.

“Lord, we come against right now the host of wickedness,” Hibbs prayed. “I pray, Lord God, that you would literally destroy the evil plans of the wicked one who’s manipulating people on both sides of the aisle. … God, I pray, Lord, in Jesus’ name, we pray that based on the power of the blood of Jesus, that you would absolutely send a shockwave of confusion among the enemy camp, and, God, that we would get aid to Israel and that Mike Johnson—who loves you, Jesus—would be preserved against the attempted overthrow that is coming from his congressional partners to destroy him.”

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