ISIS Funded By US Federal Reserve As $13 Billion Goes Missing

ISIS funded by the US government
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Billions of American dollars are ending up in the hands of ISIS, directly from the federal reserve, according to a staggering report.

The report says that the American government, contradictory to their “we do not support terrorists” rhetoric, is supplying ISIS with $13.2 billion dollars. reports:

This discovery becomes even more chilling after the Washington Post’s release last week of some of the horrifying realities of ISIS. You can see some of Liz Sly’s coverage of that in the slideshow. Her grisly discoveries of an abandoned ISIS town include images where she came inches away from a beheading block, torture churches, and prison cages for those convicted of the heinous crime of smoking a cigarette. Her report also includes pictures of torture cells and prison chambers, and groups of “ISIS children” playing beheading games.

Is America paying for that? The answer is not no. Maybe not here in the Raqqa province of Tal Abyad, Syria. But somewhere, yes. There are $13.6 billion American dollars being used by ISIS after they were sold at auction.


The US Federal Reserve is reportedly “worried.” They have even escalated these life changing concerns to the level of raising their eyebrows. Correspondents from New York, Baghdad, and Washington reported for the Wall Street Journal on this explaining how this happens.

This represents so many problems that warrant more than raised eyebrows. This practice is nothing new, for starters. America has always known about this. There’s only so much the country can do once the money leaves American soil.

But why is it leaving American soil to begin with, is what the average tax paying American citizen would say. What the Federal Reserve is most upset about however is that they thought this money being auctioned to ISIS was “only” in the $3.85 billion mark. That it is actually in the $13.66 billion mark is a very big problem.

Why? Well for starters the answer from Captain Obvious is that America has a debt problem. A big one. And maybe they shouldn’t be selling their money to terrorists.

Another big problem with this is that there is $10 billion more dollars floating around that the Federal Reserve did not expect to be floating around. What does that mean in English? How many news reports have you read about a sudden influx in Iraqi economy because of the billions upon billions of dollars that are now being used by all citizens?

The answer is none. Which means that somebody somewhere is hanging on very tightly to $13.66 billion American dollars. That is an even bigger problem than the fact that America is getting gouged, and sponsoring ISIS.

The reports from officials are that the Federal Reserve is now “cracking down” on cash transfers to this country. Some Americans may have intense reactions to this that start with “Wow. That’s really an impressive way to say, nothing is being done.”

US officials also want America to know that they have “notified Iraq” that future cash transfers won’t be approved “until US concerns about exchange houses funneling dollars to terrorist groups and Iran were assuaged.” Iraq officials according to the Wall Street Journal have reportedly agreed to be more cooperative on the information front.

US officials who don’t want to get in trouble for losing $13.66 billion dollars to terrorists will tell you that this is the end of the story. We wrote them a letter and they agreed that this is a good idea. But is it really? Answers need to come soon.

That $13 billion is not going to be hoarded for very long. It will be used. And ISIS has already even begun talking about creating their own currency that they will call gold din. Likely this move is to avoid those little pickles of being caught with enemy cash in their wallets.

Once that happens, the billions will be literally out of America’s hands. It will be burned or destroyed, and the person holding that bag will likely be as well in order to ensure all of the secrets go with him. America will never find out what happens to it.

You can see what America is paying for in the slideshow where the Beirut Bureau Chief for the Washington Post, Liz Sly, documents on Instagram what a former ISIS town looks like. Items that ISIS left behind after Tal Abyad, Syria, was taken over by the Kurds included, among other things, a beheading block, class lessons on how to down a helicopter, and detailed instructions including graphics on how to make a bomb.

Senator John McCain has been saying for a long time that America has wanted to ensure ISIS is armed for a very long time. Jeb Bush and the entire Bush family have long been suspected of having involvement with Saudi and Iraqi money exchanges. Everyone thought those were just a conspiracy theory. In the video shown here, a report shows that a high ranking Pakistani intelligence officer divulged that he too had been receiving funds, direct money transfers, from America for a very long time.

Suddenly the conspiracy theories don’t seem so far fetched. And now America has lost $13 billion dollars to the cause, and all they are doing is raising their eyebrows over it.

How do you feel knowing that America is funding ISIS? Are you surprised?

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