ISIS Releases Bodycam Footage of Moscow Attack

Fake news as “ISIS” doesn’t exist or rather is a terror group created and activated by the US/UK/other western countries like France and their zionist masters. So, if there is a footage it’s the footage of a ZOG agent.

Who is behind the terror attack is not difficult to find out:

When western media whores claim that it’s “ISIS”, it means that it is western controlled terror groups behind the attack, as Isis is a western/zionist creation.

In this case, with the help of the US controlled Ukrainian dictatorship ( a neo-Nazi regime led by a Jew and most likely an Israeli passport holder).

The Russians are not dupe:

Who Was Real Mastermind Behind Shooting in Moscow?

They clearly accuse Zelensky and its puppetmasters in the west. The clown macron in his mock ‘condolences’ to Moscow after the tragedy even spilled the beans by blaming (again) “ISIS”.

Therefore for retaliation:

In the context of the current war against the zelensky Jewish/Nazi dictatorship in Ukraine, Russians should start by bombing them first, focusing on large cities like Odessa destroying infrastrcture like they did recently. Making sure that the Russian army kills ten times more people than the victims of the Moscow attack. I would add, target regime figures, zionists and neo-nazis areas.

Secondly, he should target individuals, starting by the actual dictators who run the USA through their demented puppet Biden, namely Obama, Clinton, Soros & co.
Political assassinations are suitable when dealing with states sponsoring terrorism like the USA does since decades.
Killing criminals like Obama would also deprive the Biden regime of its real leader.

Another important target is the world economic forum which is behind almost all evils pushed on our world since they exposed themselves in 2020 in the wake of the fake pandemic they helped creating with the WHO, Bill Gates, the Rockefeller foundation and many government stooges.

An eye for an eye attack on the WEF headquarters in Geneva would be the right course of action along with the elimination of Klaus Schwab and other high WEF executives.

Eliminating any member of the Rothschild family would also send the right message to the global parasites pulling the strings in the shadows.

Then, to really piss the culprits and their partner in crimes, if I were in Putin’s shoes, I would:

-Help Iran to officially build atomic weapons and give them the technology to do so.
-Thus, in case the zionists would stupid enough to use their US bitches to attack Iran in the near future, Iran would be able to wipe Israel off the map, for the satisfaction of the entire world.
-Give heavy weapons to the resistance against Israel: Hezbollah, Houthis, Iraqis, Syrians, Palestinians and all other groups fighting the Zionist invaders and their western bitches.
* Heavy weapons include anti-tank missile such as the 9M133 Kornet and ground-air missile and others to target choppers and planes.

A strike in Paris during the BS “olympics” would also give the right reward to Rotchild’s bitch, macron.

A lot of options for President Putin to slam the criminals behind this western funded attack and win even more popularity.


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