Jewish illegal Human Organ Trafficking

When the Jews slaughter civilians in the countries they invade across the globe, they make money in the blackmarket selling body parts.
Even when a pregnant women is killed or aborting a fetus, the Jews make millions from selling babies. Same applies to animal poaching and the ivory trade.
Anything that has a dollar value on it, you can bet, the Jews will be behind it all…. no matter if they use proxy puppet regimes to do their dirty work for them.

Human Organ Trafficking Prices

  1. Average paid by Kidney Buyer$150,000
  2. Average paid to Seller of Kidney$5,000
  3. Kidney broker in the Philippines$1,000 to $1,500
  4. Kidney broker in Yemen$60,000
  5. Kidney buyer in China$47,500
  6. Kidney buyer in Egypt$20,000
  7. Kidney buyer in Israel$125,000 to $135,000
  8. Kidney buyer in Moldova$100,000 to $250,000
  9. Kidney buyer in Singapore$300,000
  10. Kidney buyer in South Africa$200,000
  11. Kidney buyer in Thailand$10,000
  12. Kidney buyer in United States$120,000
  13. Kidney buyers in Saudi Arabia$16,000
  14. Kidney seller in Bangladesh$2,500
  15. Kidney seller in China$15,000
  16. Kidney seller in Costa Rica$20,000
  17. Kidney seller in Egypt$2,000
  18. Kidney seller in India$1,000
  19. Kidney seller in Israel$10,000
  20. Kidney seller in Kenya$650
  21. Kidney seller in Moldova$2,500 to $3,000
  22. Kidney seller in Pakistan$10,000
  23. Kidney seller in Peru$5,000
  24. Kidney seller in Romania$2,700
  25. Kidney seller in Thailand$3,000 to $5,000
  26. Kidney seller in the Philippines$2,000 to $10,000
  27. Kidney seller in Turkey$10,000
  28. Kidney seller in Ukraine$200,000
  29. Kidney seller in Vietnam$2,410
  30. Kidney seller in Yemen$5,000
  31. Kidney Traffickers in Turkey$10,000 profit
  32. Kidney Transplant Operation – China$15,200
  33. Kidney Transplant Operation – Europe$32,000
  34. Liver buyer in China$21,900
  35. Liver seller in China$3,660
  36. Lung seller in EuropeAsking price of $312,650

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