Jewish lie about spreading democracy to every country they invade.

Jewish Democracy is in fact a Dictatorship.
Jews firstly create the chaos and instability in a country (by posing as Terrorists or using puppet regimes)…. then pretend to solve it, by invading it, pretending to bring Democracy and stability.


NAZI Jews use this method of deception for centuries.. whether its in the name of freedom, democracy or for religion (Roman Catholic Jews aka now called The Vatican killed 170 million in the name of GOD). Stealing and plundering in every country, taking off with their treasures, including valuable paintings and artifacts, this is the Jews way of life, hence why the Jews own it all today, and are on top of the food chain, running every country and their industries.

Jews are masters of infiltrating countries and pretending to be one of them (jews wear many masks). Destroying civilizations from the inside out.
Ancient Egypt did not destroy itself, the Jews did it.
Ancient Greece did not destroy itself, the Jews did it.
Ancient Rome did not destroy itself, the Jews did it. etc. etc. etc.

judeo democracy

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