Jiaogulan: An Ancient Asian Vine for Health and Longevity

herbJiaogulantea 255x159 Jiaogulan: An Ancient Asian Vine for Health and LongevityJiaogulan (Gynostemma pentaphyllum) is a potent herbaceous vine and a member of the cucumber family that grows wild throughout China and other Asian countries. Similar in chemical composition and function to ginseng, only more powerful, jiaogulan has been the subject of a number of medical health research studies that have found this herb to be an effective adaptogen and antioxidant. Sometimes referred to as the “Immortality Herb” or “Miracle Grass,” jiaogulan is now recognized as much more than a “folk remedy,” because of its ability to promote longevity, improve heart health, control weight and reduce stress and fatigue.

Ancient, historical records dating back to the Ming Dynasty point to jiaogulan as a trusted herb used for a wide variety of ailments. Modern American research supports the ancient texts and notes that jiaogulan is one of the top ten most effective anti-aging herbs in the world.

Reduce Free Radicals and Fight Cancer with Jiaogulan

Jiaoglania is full of rich antioxidants that gather up damaging free radicals roaming throughout the body. This reduces mutations in DNA that lead to cancer tumor development. Saponins, a type of phytochemical found in the herb reacts with cholesterol rich membranes around rogue cells to limit the growth of cancer. In addition, a Chinese study of cancer patients who had depleted white blood cells due to radiation therapy demonstrated, with 94% effectiveness, that jiaogulan doubled blood cells counts in as little as five days.

Living Long and Healthy Lives

In a remote area of China known as Guizhou, many people live to be one hundred. Scientists conducting research on these extremely healthy centurions and have discovered that they all have one thing in common; they drink jiaogulan tea. This sweet tasting tea is seemingly responsible for low rates of Alzheimer’s, cancer, high blood pressure and diabetes. Researchers attribute the long and healthy lives to the plethora of antioxidants and saponins found in the potent jiaogulan plant.

Restore Balance

Over 100 saponins are found in jiaogulan, making it an extremely powerful adaptogen capable of restoring balance within the body. A body that is in balance is far healthier than body that is out of balance. Overweight individuals will lose weight while underweight individuals will gain weight in order to bring balance to the body. Jiaogulan also regulates blood pressure and cholesterol and energizes or calms an out of order nervous system.

Because much of the jiaogulan from Southeast Asia is tainted with heavy metals it is always best to choose organic sources of this sweet health- giving herb.

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