Kevin McCairn: Controlled Oppositions Nest Commander.

Early on we published Dr. Rotatore’s Urgent Warning about 5G and Graphene Oxide’s harmful effects on the body. 1

We provided an email in which to contact the Dr. We have received a total of one email exchange.

Interesting. Kevin McCairn, PhD. 2 Never heard of him, let’s see who he is.

Korean Brain Initiative. Coordinated globally with Obama Brain Initiative.

Oh, Infratek UK is going to challenge Kevin.


Ah, CIN is dubious, it’s based out of Canada.

Oh man, Kevin, the Clathrin Freedom Fighter.



Deflection from Roslyn?

Laying the cables of your neurological super highway of tomorrow. (not secure) LOL

A few hours from our friends in Roslyn.

Say hello to Dolly.

Speaking of Roslyn, Kevin is a graduate of Edinburgh with a BsC in Neuroscience. 3 Dolly indeed.

Check this out!

Kevin is straight up denying the involvement of the neural interface, “chip”, in the mRNA vaccine! Referring to us proposing it, “tin hats”. WOW

Since confirming that Kevin ran the Korean Brain Initiative 4 that operated under the Global Brain initiative under the Obama Brain Initiative, I thought it was worth asking our new friend Kevin about his role, and relationship the the man running the program, Franco Vitaliano. 5

OK, here we go. That is some bald faced lying.

Sorry bub, all Brain Initiatives work as one. All brain initiatives worked as one. 6

I asked Webb about Clathrin. 7

Webb responded. 8

I asked him about Clathrin, he deflected with a study he did with Kevin McCairn. Is that not curious? 9 The email trying to dissuade us on our research lead us to Kevin McCairn, Webb tried to deflect and lead us to McCairn.

Webb proceeded blocked me.

It is no coincidence that Webb was spouting McCairn’s BS. LMAO. Parasite Sentinels!

George Webb said in his Twitter Space ”IVM, better yet HCQ… all you have to do is inject HCQ into someone infected, which will chop off the nanobots heads, and you’ll produce antibodies”!

Take that Parasite Sentinel!

Why am I talking about Kevin McCairn?

Well, McCairn was progenitor of “sv40 contamination in Pfizer jabs” narrative. Kevin McCairn has a nest, and one of his little birdies, Kevin McKernan, “discovered” the sv40 protein. Yet, Kevin McCairn was lead for the Korean Brain Initiative, subsidiary of Obama Brain Initiative. He knows full well the extent of Vitaliano’s technology, and promotes this misleading information. He would know full well that sv40 is part of the larger neural interface system! 10

LMAO! All to frame inclusion of sv40 as “contamination” and “Pfizer did it!”, instead of the actual truth, it’s meant to be there, and meant to be there in the broader system.

Vitaliano’s HEK293 Cell Lines contained the SV40 cancer-causing antigen on them!

sv40 narrative pushed by all the alt-covid talking heads. everyone.

Here is McCairn talking about SARS-CoV-2 is Airborne HIV, what is this, CIN 2021? 11 Again, HIV is part of the broader Clathrin neural interface. Nothing about that though. Besides, he doesn’t even mention the big HIV bombshell, Fauci owns those HIV patents. 12 As if he doesn’t know!!!

Here is Kevin talking about Ashkenazi Jews and their ability to not get infected by certain diseases. Although I attempted several times to send a message through comments, one that is on the screen in this screen shot, he does not address it. At no point did he address the bombshell, the ccr5 supremacy and genetic based weaponry. 13 Kevin engages in word soups, absolute jibber jabber. No interest in being coherent. There is absolutely no way he is not aware of this material.

This man is a fraud. He is creating confusion. His is mischaracterizing the mRNA on one hand, and discrediting 5G and Graphene Oxide on the other hand. Anybody associated with his “Nest” should be questioned, including DRASTIC group. I’ve had enough of these “whistleblowers” blowing smoke up our ass, talking over everyone’s heads with such nebulous. Textbook gatekeeper.

If as a house husband I can figure out what is going on, then people like this absolutely know what is going on.

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