A Sovereign [de jure] of the Assembled Owners, de jure Original Land Court, Paremata [Parliament] of Baludarri Rangihou served a UCC-1 Commercial Lien 2013-280-3775-8 [filed with the Secretary of State of the State of Washington; The Treasury of Australia; Parramatta Sheriff] on the Parramatta City Council ABN 49907174773, Robert Lang CEO, John Chedid Mayor, Debbie Killian Director and Neville Davis Director. The total claim obligation was; the return of any and all lands that abut Rangihou and Baludarri, in the boundary of any and all Parramatta’s Land Wards,  including but not limited to; Arthur Phillip, Caroline, Chisholm, Elizabeth Macarthur, Lachlan Macquarie and Woodville; and $1,184,945,000,000*oz (One Trillion, One Hundred and Eighty Four Billion, Nine Hundred and Forty Five Million)(of one troy ounce coins of 99.9% pure silver).


Parramatta City Council have to date, not rebutted the fact that they are acting under wrongfully assumed powers and authority since 1762 and as further validated by the 1988 referendum, under pretence and colors of Office, Laws, and Title. Therefore the Sovereign [de jure] Assembled Owners of the de jure Original Land Court, Paremata [Parliament] of Baludarri Rangihou, have served a Notice of Default and Commercial Lien on the for real land and personal property stolen, embezzled, converted and/or purloined, by and through certain illegal, but not limited to unlawful acts against Originees and Sovereign [de jure].


Parramatta City Council have to date, not rebutted illegally and unlawfully seizing, stealing, retaining and unlawfully possessing, custody, and/or control of the said Parramatta’s Land Wards, including but not limited to; Arthur Phillip, Caroline, Chisholm, Elizabeth Macarthur, Lachlan Macquarie and Woodville.


Parramatta City Council have waived the right to answer by acquiescence, tacit admission and failure to contest, rejecting all due process and opportunity to rebut any and all claims made by Sovereign [de jure] Assembled Owners of the de jure Original Land Court, Paremata [Parliament] of Baludarri Rangihou.


Therefore the commercial lien stands unrebutted, accepted and honored, for the following reasons being: (a) operating or perpetuating any and all private money systems, issuing, collection, legal enforcement systems and any and all slavery systems of and against any and all ‘Originals’ and ‘Sovereign [De Jure]’ of Parramatta (b) theft, illegal occupation and illegal possession of any and all lands in the Parramatta Wards, including but not limited to; Arthur Phillip, Caroline Chisholm, Elizabeth Macarthur, Lachlan Macquarie and Woodville; since 1762 (c) knowingly, willingly, and intentionally dumping asbestos on the land of Rangihou (d) knowingly, willingly, and intentionally desecrating the sacred burial site and graves of Originees and high born Maori Nga Puhi Chiefs, on any and all land of Rangihou and Baludarri, Parramatta.


People of Australia need to understand that the land of Australia was illegally occupied by the Settlers who by admission state in 1796 that the Originee people had their own system to land ownership over their private real estates prior to the arrival of the first fleet. Parramatta City Council have no claim to the land. Therefore the Sovereign de jure Paremata [Parliament] of Baludarri Rangihou, as True Bearer , Crown and Protector by Conquest have under the ‘law of war’ with integrity of the de jure, lawful, heir in lore, law, by birthright and in abeyance, have rightfully made claim and will seize any and all Parramatta Land Wards as mentioned above.  All lands will be seized by the de jure Original Land Court when the notice, if unrebutted, matures on the 18th day of October, 2013.


Parramatta City Council are incapable of maintaining the integrity of the de jure, lawful, and are not heirs in Lore, Law or by birthright, i.e. Posterity, and have caused grievous harm, damage and injury to any and all, committing crimes against humanity, and under pretense and colors, and are in breach of numerous legal and lawful duties imposed upon our ‘Originals’ and ‘Sovereign [de jure]’. Therefore Parramatta City Council, its officers and agents, by Law will be barred, estopped and precluded under the “Clean Hands doctrine,” and “Public Policy,” from making any claim or right, title, or interest thereon.


What does that mean for the home and business owners in Parramatta?


All land titles in Parramatta will be null and void.  All mortgages will cease to exist, as the land will be taken back to Crown Land, without title, therefore if you hold a mortgage, the mortgage will no longer exist and in affect be cancelled out. All persons living within the Parramatta Land Ward will be required to pay rent to live on the land, to the de jure Original Land Court. All land will be administered by the de jure Original Land Court. New rules and regulations will be put in place by the de jure Original Land Court. Those persons or residents that do not agree with the rules and regulations of the de jure Original Land Court, can happily take their property and leave Parramatta. For those that wish to remain within the de jure Parramatta Nation alongside the Sovereign de jure, they will be directed to a healthier communal life style, promoting health and wellness and better way of living, in peace and in support of family and small business.


Home and Business owners will need to address matters with the purported Parramatta City Council and NSW Government of Land and Property with regards to; why the notices and claims were unrebutted; and also to make claim for compensation for illegal administering and creating of land titles.


Home and Business owners will need to address this matter with their personal bank as the land titles will soon be null and void.


This land is being seized as a pledge that the specifics as requested are adhered to, and to secure the cited specifications and obligations as declared in the commercial lien, and to apply it as a “bond” and “true-bill-in-commerce”, on the persons and activities of officials, directors, officers, agents and other such lien debtors as may be added from time to time, for whatever relevant and just commercial reason and agreement.  The commercial lien is not a Lis Pendens Lien, therefore it may not be removed or dissolved by any other parties except the lien claimant or a common law jury properly convened and used to settle the claimants cause.


Warning: Any purported government agencies, officers, servants or parties who proceed to act or assist in said damages and actions, against the Sovereign de jure, without thorough, verifiable, point-by-point rebuttal of each and every point set forth in an Affidavit, will be immediately added to the said commercial lien 2013-280-3775-8.  The individual will be held personally liable [unlimited] resulting in action taken against any and all their land, real and personal properties.

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