‘Let The World Remember How We Lost Palestine’

‘Let The World Remember How We Lost Palestine’

Above photo: M. Torokman/Reuters.

The 103rd anniversary of Balfour Declaration.

Occupied Palestine – Today, Palestinians and human rights advocates around the world are marking 103 years since the Balfour Declaration was issued on November 2, 1917.

Using the hashtag #Balfour103, Palestinian and pro-Palestine activists have called to participate in a campaign they launched to commemorate the 103rd anniversary of the Balfour Declaration, rejecting the ominous promise.

The Balfour Declaration was issued by Britain when Arthur James Balfour, Former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, sent a letter to Lord Lionel Walter Rothschild, one of the leaders of the World Zionist movement, indicating the British government’s support for the establishment of a “national homeland for Jews” in Palestine.

It is simply the promise of “he who does not own, to he who does not deserve”, according to activists. The Balfour Declaration promised the Zionist movement to grant it Palestine where the natives made up more than 90 percent of the population while Jewish immigrants constituted less than 10 percent of the population at that time.

Upon the start of the British mandate, Britain began to facilitate the immigration of European Jews to Palestine. Between 1922 and 1935, the Jewish population rose from 9 percent to nearly 27 percent of the total population.

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