May 22 – RFK Jr. is the Best of a Bad Lot

RFK Jr. is a mixed bag but in his heart, he knows who killed his father and uncle. As the cartoon at left indicates, the Zionist-controlled media will smear and make him unelectable. 

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RFK Jr. on why Trump doesn’t deserve a second chance
Trump knew lockdowns wouldn’t work. He knew Ivermectin did. He listened to the bureaucrats.
Wait until RFK brings up deadly vaxines. Trump is really vulnerable

RFK Jr.: How I’ll Fix The Executive Branch

-Clearly, an asshole
RFK Jr. on Russell Brand’s podcast: “I don’t think Israel’s intention is genocide. I don’t believe there’s any evidence of genocide…The IDF has protected civilians better than any army in history.”

Breaking… @RobertKennedyJr rejects Biden’s climate agenda: 
1. While he believes climate is an “existential” threat, he says has “no problems with people who don’t believe that.”
2. Rejects “very, very heavy top-down controls” and subsidies to industry.
3. Says if we do regular environmental protection right, “the climate will take care of itself.”
Biden, Trump AGREE To EXCLUDE RFK Jr From Presidential Debates but Trump now says he’s welcome Jr. 

5 Reasons Why This Country Needs RFK Jr.
RFK Jr. Spending $1 Million A Month On Security

RFK Jr.: Nicole’s Political Awakening
“We were wronged. We’re still recovering from that.”-Resigns as chief of WEF

Is Klaws Swab Throwing in the Towel?

Was weather warfare used against Iran?
Weather was fine when Raisi departed. Suddenly fogged over.
Weather/Satellite Data MISSING for Iran President Helicopter Crash

Ex-CDC Director Says It’s High Time to Admit ‘Significant Side Effects’ of COVID-19 Vaccines‘We kind of got canceled because no one wanted to talk about the potential that there was a problem from the vaccines,’ Dr. Robert Redfield said.

Dr. Robert Redfield, former director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), said Thursday that many officials who tried to warn the public about potential problems with COVID-19 vaccines were pressured into silence and that it’s high time to admit that there were “significant” side effects that made people sick.

Leaked video: Canadian “public health officials” conspiring to rev up their “avian influenza virus” nonsense

Dr. Sam Bailey’s latest offering covers the leaked video evidence of Drs. Theresa Tam, Bonnie Henry, Kieran Moore, etc. literally conspiring against people on the land known as Canada over the imaginary “avian influenza virus” health threat.
As Sam puts it, “You will need to watch the video to fully appreciate the absurd level of nonsense coming from some of the key enablers in this brewing swindle…”

NGO’s – Jewish, Catholic and Lutheran Family Services bringing in illegals

“The End Of Everything”: Victor Davis Hanson On The Gravest Threats To America

People like Hansen are afraid to use the J word

Outrageous: Federal Law Allows Illegal Aliens to Vote in the Upcoming 2024 Election

WHO’s Fascist F**kery: “Homicidal Racketeering Scheme Masquerading As Disease Prevention

“While our country sleepwalks through the deadly aftermath of the evil Covid-19 operation, the World Health Organization (WHO) puts the final touches on a nice bit of fuckery called its Pandemic Treaty on International Health Regulations (IHR) or “One Health” initiative, a Globalist power grab disguised in the saintly white robes of public health medicine. The agreement, to be finalized at the end of this month, will cede what’s left of your liberty to this unelected bureaucracy for the sake of global “equity and inclusivity,” meaning more lockdowns, constant surveillance, forced “vaccinations,” restrictions on medications, and censorship of anyone who voices a contrary opinion of these actions.

Lena Petrova – WEST’S COLOSSAL MISTAKE: US Decline, Rise of BRICS and How Tariffs Damage U.S. Economy
Interview with Professor Richard D. Wolff

“Autism was one in 10,000 when I was a kid. It’s now one in 36. A child today faces 108 shots. if a child gets sick with a big round of shots, and they have a seizure, there’s about a 40% chance that the brain is injured, and they develop autism.” – Dr. McCullough

Video Game From 2005 Predicts That Vaccines Will Make People ‘Rot From the Inside Out’
“…the chips we’ve implanted in the majority of the population under the guise of vaccinations allow us to watch the watchers”

Women have been tricked by the Rockefeller foundation into believing that working for a soulless corporation is “freedom” while being a mom and wife is “opression”

In January 1948 only 32% of all Women worked. The number was not much higher by the early 60s. Then the Rockefeller Foundation funnelled Millions into the feminist movement and tricked women into believing that working for a soulless corporation was “freedom” while being a mom and wife was “oppression”.

This boosted the labour participation rate of women from 40% in 1967 to 60% by 1997 – thereafter it declined a little but is still at 58% today.

Labor Force Participation Rate – Women (LNS11300002) | FRED | St. Louis Fed (

It brought the state a boost in people it could exploit and force to pay taxes. For women it didn’t bring any financial freedom because 80% of the population can barely survive on one income. As a result they are more miserable then ever:

American women rated their overall life satisfaction higher than men in the 1970s. Thereafter, women’s happiness scores decreased while men’s scores stayed roughly stable. By the 1990s, women were less happy than men. This relative unhappiness softened after the turn of the century, but men continue to enjoy a higher sense of subjective well being that is at least as high — if not higher — than women’s.


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