Interesting post from Elon here.


#BanTheADL has been trending all over Twitter for the past few days prompting Elon’s poll suggestion.

I honestly don’t understand what’s going on here. Elon is all over the place on this issue.

He hired a globalist girl boss cunt as the site’s CEO and she immediately met with the ADL Jews to discuss censorship policies. This is what spawned #BanTheADL to trend. Now he wants to do a poll asking the userbase if they should ban the ADL?

At the same time, he has banned a number of people with no sufficient explanation despite his claims that he is a free speech absolutist. Alex Jones, Andrew Anglin and Nick Fuentes are the most prominent examples that I can think of.

I obviously support anybody who does anything to counter this evil Jewish terrorist organization. It is a literal Jewish hate organization dedicated to undermining free speech. So I applaud Elon for taking this step. The problem is that his position on this is totally incoherent.

The ADL should be banned simply because they are a Jewish organization that is dedicated to undermining Elon’s alleged free speech goals. Instead of doing that, he has banned some of the ADL’s most prominent critics while his CEO is holding friendly meetings with the ADL.

This is not something you can be 50/50 on.

Comment:  Being Musk (In My Opinion) is one Of the CABAL which are Jewish Satanists and their Minions I would not trust him as far as I could throw him.  He pushes cabal agendas such as Artificial Intelligence and Transhumanism.  The Man has absolutely no empathy;  Tesla is a Nightmare for anyone to work for and is very discriminatory towards black workers.  He simply tries to masquerade as a free speech advocate to get people to trust him to take this survey.  Afterwards these same people who will reveal themselves to be “anti-Semitic” will be targets of the same CABAL.  No good will come of taking this survey unless you Want to Be a Target.