NASA’s space station live feed goes offline again; just after the sighting of a glowing object moving toward Earth

Image: NASA’s space station live feed goes offline again; just after the sighting of a glowing object moving toward Earth

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The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) has been caught yet again hiding footage of anomalous objects flying through space – this time a strange object of unidentified origin that, before NASA cut its live online feed, was seen flying directly towards the earth’s atmosphere.

Italian astronaut Paolo Nespoli captured a shot of the strange footage before it was quickly removed from NASA’s website. It depicts a glowing, fiery-looking object moving directly towards earth that members of the International Space Station (ISS) identified as space debris. But the skeptics aren’t convinced.

While some, including NASA, have suggested that this categorical unidentified flying object (UFO) was most likely a meteor based on footage captured by the ISS, Nespoli’s image suggests otherwise. It is clearly missing the characteristic tail that one would expect to see in a photograph of an actual meteor, which suggests that the object is of some other origin.

“I don’t think it’s a meteorite at all,” stated YouTube channel “SecureTeam10” owner Tyler Glockner to the DailyMail Online.

“What many people may not realize is that this video is a time lapse. You’re seeing the earth spinning at a high rate of speed and we see this flash of light coming from space … If you compare this to what they are calling a meteor in this new footage, at no time does this so called meteor look like anything that was captured back in 2011 – it just doesn’t.”

Anyone who uses common sense to ask questions is now a ‘crazy conspiracy theorist’

Based on the rotating speed of the earth, it is difficult to truly pinpoint how fast the object in question was moving. Glockner mentions a speed of 85 miles per hour (mph) that was reported by other sources, but also notes that the earth’s relative spin in relation to the object could have indicated that the object was moving at a much slower speed than NASA is claiming.

“Speeds that are slower than even the slowest meteorites,” Glockner notes.

But NASA was quick to label it a meteorite and be done with it, even though the evidence is contrary. Glockner compared this latest footage to that of the 2011 Perseid meteor shower noting significant variances between the two events. This latest object was “short” and “stubby,” he notes, while almost all other footage of actual meteors reveals them to look quite the contrary.

This wouldn’t be the first time that NASA has tried to cover up strange objects in space, as the agency’s live feed has on numerous occasions gone dead when unusual things appear on the feed. But this latest cover-up attempt has gotten many people talking because there’s no consensus as to the true identity of the object in question, despite NASA’s arbitrary declaration of it being a space meteor.

And the worst part about the whole thing is that honest astronomers who are simply asking logical questions about this strange event are reportedly being labeled as “conspiracy theorists” simply for using their brains. If an anomalous object event such as this warrants further inquiry, such inquiry should be done without fear of being regarded as a lunatic – and yet, this is exactly what is now happening.

The DailyMail Online even went so far as to include random “scientific data” in a report on this space anomaly implying that people who believe in conspiracy theories are probably narcissists. It pegged doubters of the moon landings, as an example, as suffering from personality disorders like selfishness and having a constant need for attention. The DailyMail Online also likened people who question events such as this to having low self-esteem.

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