New Zealand Pastor Says Police Broke Into His House, Confiscated Firearms & Ammo

New Zealand Pastor Says Police Broke Into His House, Confiscated Firearms & Ammo

A New Zealand pastor explained in a video how the state’s police broke into his home and confiscated his licensed firearms and ammo over a neighbor complaint.

The pastor named Kyle Bromley walked around his home showing how intruders had searched through all his belongings, stole his ammo, and damaged his property on New Year’s Eve.


“Guess who’s been in my house? The flippin’ New Zealand police! The New Zealand police did this!” Bromley exclaimed as she showed the damages, including a gaping hole in his wall where his gun safe used to be.

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The pastor, founder of the Life Connection Missionary Baptist Fellowship, explained how the police left him a note claiming they were following an order based on a neighbor’s “bogus” complaint about his licensed firearm ownership.

“They issued some kind of order saying that someone complained who was concerned about me being a firearms owner,” Bromley said. “They’ve broken into my house, smashed it up, taken my rifle, ammunition, and even took my litter box.”

“The New Zealand police, coming into a pastor’s house. Look at this! Smashed it all up. Strewn my things around the office. Vandalized my house. How about that for a totalitarian state?” he added.

Bromley has clashed with the police before; over the summer he made headlines yelling at police for trying to shut down his church service over COVID rule violations.

New Zealand has imposed some of the harshest COVID restrictions on the planet, including a two-tiered society based on vaccination status, which has emboldened law enforcement and resulted in massive protests across the island nation.



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