Onnabugeisha’s Notes on the Occult Scripting Cues for July 13-14, 2023

Here are her notes on Thursday, July 13…

7/13 (Thursday) 

Jewish calendar24 Tammuz

• 24 Tammuz – Jews of Jerusalem are set aflame (1099)

When the crusaders captured Jerusalem during the First Crusade, the Jews of Jerusalem fled into a synagogue. The crusaders then set flame to the synagogue, burning alive all the Jewish men, women, and children who had taken refuge there. All Jews were barred from living in the city of Jerusalem for the following 88 years. – from Chabad.org

• July 13 – Last day of the Ludi Apollinares, with a sacrifice at the Temple of Apollo in the Campus Martius.

Ludi Apollinares (Wikipedia) The tradition goes that at the first celebration hereof, they were suddenly invaded by the enemy, and obliged to take to their arms. A cloud of darts and arrows fell upon their enemies, and the Romans soon returned victorious to their sports.

• Benito MussoliniItalian Duce of Fascism (Wikipedia), Head of Government, Leader of Fascism and Founder of the Empire

Born: 29 July 1883 at 14:00 (Astro) = 24 Tammuz, the 140th anniversary of his birth

Islamic calendar: Dhu al-Hijjah 24 or 25 (12/25 Islamic “Christmas”)

Dhu al-Hijja (Wikipedia) is the 12th and final month in the Islamic calendar. -> category General events-> Shi’ite24 some events and 25 Dhu al-Hijja, Ali becomes the Caliph of Islam – AH 35.

• Reign of Terror (Wikipedia) -> Major events during the Terror-> On 13 July 1793 the assassination of Jean-Paul Marat (World History Encyclopedia), a Jacobin leader and journalist—resulted in a further increase in Jacobin political influence, 230 years ago

• Battle of Tientsin (Wikipedia) or the Relief of Tientsin during the Boxer Rebellion in Northern China. A multinational military force, representing the Eight-Nation Alliance, rescued a besieged population of foreign nationals in the city of Tientsin by defeating the Chinese Imperial army and Boxers.

Date: 13-14 July 1900, 123 years ago

• The New York City blackout of 1977 (Wikipedia) was an electricity blackout that affected most of New York City on July 13–14, 1977. The only unaffected on neighborhoods in the city were in southern Queens…, 46 years ago

• Elizabeth II (Wikipedia) was Queen of the United Kingdom and other Commonwealth realm.

Date: 8 September 2022, 308 days or 44 weeks ago [we’ve seen these two numbers together before]

Here are her notes on Friday, July 14…

7/14 (Friday)

Jewish calendar: 25 Tammuz

Pandemonium Day (time and date) an annual celebration of chaos and disorder. The word ‘pandemonium’ first appeared in John Milton’s epic poem “Paradise Lost” (Wikipedia). It’s a hybrid of the Greek word ‘pan,’ which means ‘all,’ and the Latin word ‘daemonium,’ which means ‘demon.’ [to be confused or not to be confused with ‘pandemic’ which comes from pan ‘all’ + dēmos ‘people’]

• Batman Day (Wikipedia) is an annual event organised by DC Entertainment to celebrate and promote Batman. The first Batman Day was July 23, 2014 = 25 Tammuz9 Jewish years ago

Donald Trump is Batman (The Washington Postand the “Trump Era” began on that day.  (FiveThirtyEight.com), detailed explanation: your blog, 16 September 2022

Subsequent Batman Days have been on the third Saturday in September. 2023 Batman Day falls on 16 September = 1 Tishrei  Rosh Hashana.

• A Promised Land (Wikipedia) is a memoir by Barack Obama, the 44th president of the US. It is the first of a planned two-volume series.

Publisher: Crown

Publication date: 17 November 2020 (the 322nd [Skull and Bones] day of the year 2020, 44 days remaining until the end of the year.), 969 days ago

• Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (Wikipedia) commonly known as the Iran nuclear deal or Iran deal, an agreement on the Iranian nuclear program between Iran and the P5+1 (the five permanent members of the United Nations Security Council—China, France, Russia, United Kingdom, United States—plus Germany)together with the European Union. Created: 14 July 2015, 8 years ago

The Obama White House: The President Announces a Historic Nuclear Deal with Iran

• The Great Turkish War (Wikipedia) was a series of conflicts between the Ottoman Empire and the Holy League consisting of the Holy Roman Empire, Poland-Lithuania, Venice, Russia, and the Kingdom of Hungary.

The war was a defeat for the Ottoman Empire. It ended with the signing of the Treaty of Karlowitz (Wikipedia). The treaty marks the end of Ottoman control in much of Central Europe, with their first major territorial losses, beginning the reversal of four centuries of expansion, and established the Habsburg monarchy as the dominant power of the region.

Start date: 14 July 1683, (The main Ottoman army laid siege to Vienna (Wikipedia), 340 years ago

Strong’s Greek: 340. anakainizó: to renew Cognate: 340 anakainízō (from 303 /aná, “up, completing a process” and kainizō, “make new,”..)

Strong’s Hebrew 340. ayab: to be hostile to

[This year we saw the number 34 in connection with Trump: “the 34 felony charges against Donald Trump.”]

• Battle of Fidonisi (Wkipedia) between the fleets of the Russian Empire and the Ottoman Empire during the Russo-Turkish War (1787–1792) in the area of Snake Island, which in Greek was called Fidonisi. It was a Russian victory.

Date: 14 July 1788 (Julian), 235 years ago

I mention this battle because of the mythological significance of Snake (Serpent) Island (Wikipedia) -> History and mythology: The island was named by the Greeks Leuke (‘White Island‘) and was similarly known by Romans as Alba, probably because of the white marble formations that can be found on the isle. From there we return again to Albion, New Albion, Ajax the Great (Biden’s historic visit to Larkspur) and the Snake Island campaign (Wikipedia) On 24 February 2022, the first day of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the Russian Navy attacked Snake Island.

• Pope Francis in Malta in the footsteps of Saint Paul, prays at St. Paul’s Grotto in Rabat, one of Malta’s most venerated site. Tradition has that the Apostle stayed there after shipwrecking on the island on his way to Rome. (Pope in footsteps of Saint Paul St Paul’s Grotto)

Date: 2–3 April 2022, 66 weeks, 6 days ago

-> [Number of the beast: 666]

more 7/14 (Friday) 
Bastille Day (Wikipedia) In French, it is formally called the “French National Celebration”; legally it is known as “the 14th of July”. It commemorates the Storming of the Bastillea major event of the French Revolution, on 14 July 1789 [234 years ago], and the unity of the French people at the Fête de la Fédération on 14 July 1790, 233 years ago.

Strong’s Hebrew: 234. azkarah: a memorial offering 

Strong’s Greek: 234. alisgéma: pollution Usage: pollution, perhaps a polluted thing (especially of food).

Strong’s Greek: 233. halizó: to salt, Usage: I salt, sprinkle with salt (of sacrifices or of those who offer sacrifice), keep fresh and sound, and so acceptable to God. ->

Mark 9:49 For everyone will be salted with fire.

Incidents during Bastille Day:

1. Neo-Nazi tried for Chirac assassination attempt (theguardian.com)

2. French youths set fire to 317 cars (Wikipedia)

3. 2016 Nice truck attack (Wikipedia)

Bastille (Wikipedia) was a fortress in Paris, known formally as the Bastille Saint-Antoine. It played an important role in the internal conflicts of France and for most of its history was used as a state prison by the kings of France

On 7/11 there was the Conjunction of the Moon and Jupiter at 21:21 UTC. So I recalled Jupiter/Macron. ->

Emmanuel Macron (Wikipedia), the President of France since 2017 -> 2017 French presidential election (Wikipedia) were held on 23 April and 7 May 2017,  6 years, 69 days ago (inclusive) or on 15 July. The official result of the second round was proclaimed by the Constitutional Council on 10 May, 6 years, 66 days [Number of the beast: 666] ago (inclusive) or on 15 July.

Emmanuel Macron was born on 21 December 1977 at 10:40 (Astro) [The ‘Great’ Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn (NASA) occurred on his 43rd birthday, 21 December 2020]. He will be 45 years, 205 days old on Bastille Day. Strong’s Hebrew 4525. masger Strong’s Concordance masger: a locksmith, smith, a dungeon (Wikipedia), prison

• Second International (Wikipedia) was an organisation of socialist and labour parties Ideology: Marxism, Socialism, Social democracy, Anti-colonialism, Antimilitarism

Founded: 14 July 1889, Paris, 134 years ago

• Republic Day in Iraq, it commemorates the 14 July Revolution (Wikipedia) Date: 14 July 1958

There is also a Hitler event and I have notes for 26 Tamuz (14 July after sunset), so tomorrow. 


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