Onnabugeisha’s Notes on the Occult Scripting Cues for Three Gorges Dam on June 3, 2023

I usually convert Chinese events to the Chinese calendar, but look what happened when I converted them to the Jewish calendar. I thought I was used to various calendar tricks, but this shocked even me.

6/3 (Saturday)

Jewish calendar: 14 Sivan (3/14 Jewish “Pi Day”)

Chinese calendar: 4th Month 16 (4/4×4), 2023 is the Year of the Water Rabbit.

• 1786 Kangding-Luding earthquake (Wikipedia) occurred on 1 June 1786 -> category Landslide dam

The earthquake triggered numerous landslides,.. By 9 June the lake had started to flow over the dam and an aftershock on 10 June 1786 = 14 Sivan caused the dam to collapse suddenly, releasing the impounded water and devastating areas downstream.

Casualties: 435 from the earthquake and about 100,000 from the failure of the landslide dam

• The Republic of China Armed Forces (ROC Armed Forces), commonly referred as the TaiwaneseArmed Forces to distinguish from the People’s Liberation Army.

Founded: 16 June 1924 = 14 Sivan

• 1938 Yellow River flood (Wikipedia) was a man-made flood from June 1938 to January 1947 created by the intentional destruction of dikes (levees) on the Yellow River. The flood was planned in 1935 by a group of German military advisers led by Alexander von Falkenhausen and implemented by the Chinese National Army.

Casualties: hundreds of thousands dead

Date (the first wave of floods): 13 June 1938 = 14 Sivan

• Sinking of Dongfang zhi Xing (Wikipedia)

translated as Oriental Star or Eastern Star) was a river cruise ship that operated in the Three Gorges region of inland China. On the night of 1 June 2015, the ship was traveling on the Yangtze River when it capsized during a thunderstorm in Jianli, Hubei Province with 454 people on board.

Deaths: 442

Date: 1 June 2015 at 21:28 (UTC+8) = it was after sunset so 15 Sivan but UTC 14 Sivan.

• China’s Cultural Heritage Day (a yearly event on the second Saturday in June).

The Day was first celebrated on 10 June in 2006 = 14 Sivan

• Chinese Martyrs (Wikipedia) -> category Eastern Orthodox …On the evening of 11 June 1900 = 14 Sivan  leaflets were posted in the streets, calling for the massacre of the Christians and threatening anyone who would dare to shelter them with death.

After seeing this, I only looked up 1 number in Strong’s:

• Three Gorges Dam (Wikipedia)

Construction began: 14 December 1994, 28 years 5 months 20 days ago

Strong’s Greek 2852. kolaphizó: to strike with the fist 

Usage: I strike with the fist, buffet; hence: I mistreat violently.

Cognate: 2852 kolaphízō (from kolaphos “a blow from the fist”) – properly, to strike with the fist(literally “knuckles”); to hit hard “with the knuckles, to make the blow sting and crush…

a technical note:

China never used the Julian calendar.

Transition from the Lunar Calendar to the Western Calendar Under Chinese Law | In Custodia Legis

So if my logic is correct, the old dates are directly converted to the Gregorian calendar.


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