Putin is Popular Because Russians are Afraid to Say Otherwise

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According to Kommersant, a newspaper on Russia, the people under the former iron curtain are afraid to be honest when polled on their views of Vladimir Putin and current events in general.

Konstantin Kalachev, a political consultant, told the newspaper that “the problem of socially acceptable responses in surveys is nothing new. This is called a social spiral of silence. People follow the majority. They are afraid to stand out, superstitiously prefer not to stir the pot, and they answer with pre-readied, upbeat mantras.”

The Levada Center study quoted in the Kommersant publication showed that 26% of respondents said they were scared to answer questions about Putin; while 49% of those polled said that Russians are generally hesitant to answer such questions.

And speaking about politics at work is also not openly practiced. A shocking 23% of participants said they are uncomfortable talking about Putin’s government with co-workers and 17% don’t even discuss such things with family members.

The reason for this overwhelming apprehension stems from the 56% of respondents that said they are scared they will be the victims of retribution for voicing their opinions.

Considering the temperament of the Russian people, it is curious how Putin has enjoyed popularity ratings above 80% in polls. For example, the 2015 All-Russia Public Opinion Research Center (WCIOM) claims that Putin has remained surprisingly popular despite international sanctions imposed on the nation because of the invasion of the Ukraine and the annexation of the Crimea.

To answer the question of Putin’s popularity, look no further than the alternative media, beginning with Russia Today (RT).

Dimitry Peskov, press secretary for Putin’s government, explained that “the information and press department of the presidential administration prepares digests on print media, on Internet sources, on domestic media – federal and regional” and RT, including its American branch, is no exception.

Peskov revealed that the Russian government writes the news that is disseminated on TV broadcasts, both domestic and foreign.

And to clarify the purpose of this state-approved news, Alexey Venediktov, chief editor of Echo of Moscow, pointed out how Russian broadcasters on First Channel, Second Channel, NTV, Russia Today internationally are “all instruments for reaching [Putin’s] goal inside the country, and abroad.”

And supporting Venediktov’s view is political journalist Mikhail Fishman, anchor for TV Dozhd, a popular radio station in Russia that presents a non-Putin approved message.

Fishman confirmed that “there is not a significant event in the media business that can happen without the direct sanction of President Vladimir Putin.”

Speaking about the delusional world Putin resides in, Konstantin Sonin wrote on his blog: “The presidential administration and the government have lost the channels for feedback. When exaggerations or even falsehoods are meant for ‘external use,’ that is understandable, though in today’s world with decentralized, fast information channels the effectiveness of such tricks is doubtful. When, however, they become the basis for strategic decisions, bad mistakes are inevitable.”

This fantasy world Putin lives in has its foundation in religious nationalist philosophers Nikolai Berdyayev, Vladimir Solovyov and Ivan Ilyin, who believed that it was the mission of Russia to “spread and maintain the Orthodox Christian faith on territories it controlled, and the West was the eternal enemy of that mission, perpetually trying to break up the Russian world.”

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