Random Acts of Kindness & Heart Warming Videos That Will Make You Cry

Our next story comes to us from Africa, where we find a pair of one of a kind Brothers making the best out of their situation. It’s been 10 years since they were abandoned by their parents, but they haven’t let that break their strong fraternal bond or their faith. While one brother struggles with his handicap, the other does what needs to be done to male sure they’re both taken care of. It’s a tremendous burden on someone so young, but this boy has the heart of a lion. Their burden is about to get a little easier as their story has attracted attention and some charitable people have banded together to provide the pair with some much needed funds for food, medical care, and to let them know that God has not forgotten them or their spirit. 1:07 Here’s one that’s sure to make even the toughest among you tear up for sure. Witness the tenderness and love shared between this baby and her Uncle. For perhaps the first time in his life he was the one who was able to do the caring, and not be the one being cared for. The results are heartwarming and proves these two will have an unbreakable bond for life. 1:46 Meet Dan. Dan was paralyzed during a fall on a construction site back in 2013. He also suffers from a condition called Adhesive Arachnoiditis which causes constant pain. But one thing he doesn’t do is let his condition stop him from being the best Father possible to his children. With the love and support of his wonderful family, Dan still leads a productive, albeit painful, life filled with love, joy, and happiness. 2:39 This little sweetie covers her puppy’s ears when she realized some nearby fireworks were making the little fella nervous. Such thoughtfulness from such a young girl. It must come naturally to her. So sweet. 2:56 Who amongst us hasn’t sat down on the sidewalk to enjoy a Monster Energy Drink and shared some snacks with a squirrel? It’s a trope that’s as old as time, right? Here’s one of those moments captured on video when our subject here thought no one was looking. 3:32 Watch this service dog make a new best friend while flying on a plane. This nice lady shared her pillow with the pooch to make him more comfortable while 35,000 feet up in the air. Do you think the dog got some of her in-flight meal too? 3:47 You never know who you’ll run into at the supermarket. But if you’re lucky like our little friend Lilly here, you’ll run into a kind old timer like this guy just looking to spread some goodwill out in the world. Is there anything cuter than little kids pushing the little mini shopping cart around the store? 4:41 Usually, if you lose your shoe in an elephant pen, it’s a goner. But not in this case. This friendly pachyderm actually scooped up the lost shoe and returned it to the kid who dropped it. Probably a good thing, it wasn’t the elephant’s size anyway. 5:12 This little tyke is just an inch or two short of being able to grab this zipline. Lucky for him, this kind attendant tries everything he can to make it happen for this boy. It wasn’t until he was able to rig the zipline to stay in place when he was finally able to lift the boy onto the handlebar. Some would have told the little dude that he was too small to ride the zipline, but our friend wasn’t about to let that happen without trying everything he could to come through. 6:03 Everyone needs a little help from time to time. Especially if you’re trying to pedal your delivery bike up a hill loaded with stuff. The help, in this case, came in the form of a foot from a helpful motorcyclist. 6:43 What do you do if you come across a stingray beached on the shore? Well, if you’re a kind hearted soul like our friend here, you help out your flat, fishy friend get back into the surf and off to rejoin the fever. A fever is what a group of stingrays are called. Stingrays, while they can pack a nasty punch with their venomous barbed tails, are actually known for being quite gentile. 7:07 A kid graduates the 5th grade only once. And this boy’s Father wasn’t going to miss it for the world. He drove all the way from Waycross Georgia to Steamboat Springs Colorado just to be there for his son so he knows his Dad is proud of his accomplishment. I looked it up…Waycross Georgia to Steamboat Springs Colorado is a 1,797 mile trip that takes 27 hours to drive by car. 8:00 What kid doesn’t love motorcycles? This kid will never forget this moment when he got to rev the engine on this superbike. 8:28 Everyone needs a little help from time to time. Especially if you’re trying to pedal your delivery bike up a hill loaded with stuff. The help, in this case, came in the form of a foot from a helpful

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