Remos to Despina Vandi: “You’re living a second adolescence” – The singer’s response to the “second chance”

Antonis Remos enjoyed Despina Vandi’s company in the nightclub where he performs.

The singer on stage told Vandi, who was sitting right next to him at the edge of the dance floor: “I have to remember the best years with you and the best to come. Why don’t we finish, right?”

“Let’s not do TV together again,” Vandi told him, with Remos confused about the show in which they were both on.

The singer then reminded him that she was on Rising Star, while she did not hesitate to announce on the microphone that they will be together again on television. “I have something in mind, we’ll do it again,” Vandi told him, with Antonis Remos answering her: “When you put something in your mind.”

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“I love you so much, I’m so happy for you and…” the singer then said, with Vandi interrupting him.

Remos then continued saying: “What else can I say? I love Despina, because she is an amazing child and has been for years now and will remain so. And now she is living her second adolescence.”

The singer, of course, did not let his comment down and gave him a mouth-watering answer. ” It’s not a second adolescence, it’s a second chance,” she said, smiling broadly, about her love affair with Vasilis Bisbikis.

Vandi, wanting to end the conversation, told him humorously: “Antonis, I’ll take the microphone from you. I don’t know who is worse, him or the Master?”

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