Rep. Chip Roy Says Democrats Are Purposely ‘Flooding The Zone’ With Foreigners

Rep. Chip Roy appeared on a recent Convention of States broadcast to discuss, among other issues, immigration and border security. During the discussion, the Texas congressman once again spread the racist “Great Replacement” conspiracy theory which alleges that there is an intentional effort underway to replace white Christian Americans with non-white, non-Christians from other nations as part of a widespread plot to undermine Western civilization.

“All of this is being done purposefully,” Roy said. “We all know what’s going on. The numbers are astounding. It’s all purposeful.”

“50 million of our American population are foreign born,” Roy continued. “That puts it at roughly 16ish percent … They all have about 20 to 25 million kids. That puts that number well up into the 20 percent of the overall population. Now, why do I bring that up? Well, because that’s the highest level we’ve ever had. … So now we have a massive percentage at a moment where we’re not teaching our children that America is great, we’re not teaching our children that God exists, we’re not teaching our children the values of the Constitution or Western civilization.”

“Here’s another startling statistic that’s related,” Roy added. “In 2007, 17 percent of Americans checked the box ‘unchurched.’ Today, 28 percent check that box. You do the math.”

“My point of all of that is just to say—to the point about border security and immigration—it’s purposeful by Democrats,” Roy concluded. “They’re flooding the zone, overwhelming the system. They don’t believe that the people will be removed, ultimately. They believe ultimately they’ll be able to get them to be voters, and once and for all they can kind of wipe the slate away from the core values that this country was founded upon.”

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